The water quality examination room (水質検査室 Suishitsukensashitsu?)[1] is an area of Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


Jill can find here three jars of Gun Powder A and Gun Powder B for each. If they aren't present here, than their location is Break room. There are some devices in that room: the device for checking the water quality and the ultraviolet rays device. First device is needed for checking the Water Sample and releasing the lock of the Treatment room passage. The ultraviolet device is needed for adding the radiating code to the Facility Key that can open the locker in the basement of the facility after that.


Location Localization Original Script
Note on the wall Experiment-related notes. "Watch for the portion with no wave when adjusting the data."
The machine (Before the manual check is done)

"Water pollution alert...Blocking of the abolition area passage is now in progress."

"To maintain safety, the lock will not be released until the manual check has been performed."

The card slot device Ultraviolet rays are applied to the water. There's a tiny slot where a plastic card could fit.
Water check device (Before putting the Water Sample) A device to check the water quality. A Water Sample seems to be required.
Water check device (After putting the Water Sample)

There's a device to check the water quality. Will you operate it? Yes/No

(Yes) Which Wave range will you adjust? A B C Cancel

(A - Move to which direction? Left Right Check Back) 

(B - Move to which direction? Left Right Check Back) 

(C - Move to which direction? Left Right Check Back) 

There are a total of four combinations that solve the puzzle: 

1 A: Four right B: Two left C: Two left 

2 A: One right B: One right C: Two left 

3 A: One left B: Two left C: Two right 

4 A: One left B: Three right C: One left 

Water check device (After the checking is done) "Water quality check has passed the safety level."
Water check device (After all is done) "Water check: OK."

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