Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Doctor Zombie is the name given to an otherwise unnamed doctor who worked on Rockfort Island.


The anatomist was a mentally unstable schizophrenic, and sadist, believing there to be a demon within his head that made him dangerously impulsive and enjoyed watching people die. Despite this, the island's commandant, Lord Alfred Ashford, allowed him to continue his medical profession on the island, and even constructed an underground chamber below the medical hut so he could perform sadistic rituals on camp prisoners before their eventual death and subsequent dissection. The chamber was hidden from others by an elaborate door mechanism. The doctor grew to fear Lord Ashford, however, understanding clearly that such a man could easily decide on his death, should he lose favor.[1]

During the t-Virus outbreak, the doctor sustained a serious leg fracture, though whether this was before or after his "zombification" is uncertain.[2][note 1] He was placed in a body bag and laid on one of the medical beds. The doctor later reanimated as a zombie and escaped from the bag, and was encountered by Claire Redfield consuming part of a body he recently dissected. Both got up to attack Claire when she was discovered, though both were subsequently defeated by her.


The BIOHAZARD CODE: Veronica Kanzenban Kaitai Shinsho guide recommends using the custom handgun, or otherwise the gunpowder bows.[3][note 2]

Further notesEdit

He is referred to as Dr. Enoch Stoker in the novelization by S.D. Perry.



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