A Raccoon City citizen that died and reanimated as a zombie during the t-Virus outbreak.

Don is a Mark-type character whose skin can be bought in Resident Evil Outbreak. He is a dark haired man with a mustache and wears a black suit with a blue shirt underneath.

Gameplay Edit

Don is part of a 5 character set that can be unlocked in both Outbreak games via collection menu. He is a Mark-type character and has the following stats:

  • An average vitality of 2000-2500
  • An infection rate of 1.52
  • A movement speed of 0.84
  • A damage multiplier of X0.87

He starts with a box of 10 Handgun rounds in FINE condition.[1]

Gallery Edit

Further notesEdit


  1. Biohazard Outbreak File 2 Grand Bible

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