Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Dorian was a police officer for the Raccoon City Police Department. He was in the city during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident and took part in the September 24 evacuations.


Due to Raccoon City's water supply being contaminated, a large number of the citizenry were infected with the t-Virus and transformed into zombies in September 24. Dorian was given orders to assist in the evacuations of civilians out of high risk areas with the use of a police van. The nature of the rioting led to problems in the operation, particularly that the van was forced to use side-streets due to the dangers faced with hundreds of Zombies congregating on larger roads. The van was stopped by a roadblock, forcing Dorian to hand over weapons to the passengers so they had a fighting chance while he removed the roadblocks.

Further notes

  • It seems Dorian was supposed to confiscate the survivors' weapons during the trip. Each character (except Kevin, which seems to have been replaced by the things he normally says involving asking if it was everyone and about the barricades.) has a reaction to their weapons being confiscated. While Cindy's and Yoko's reactions are more polite, a few of the other characters become distrusting of Dorian. When a Barricade stops him in this sequence, he then says that he can't let the player go unarmed. 



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