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Dorian was an R.P.D. officer assisting the September 24th evacuation operation, and was in possession of a police vehicle which he used to facilitate this task.


Dorian tried to relocate five survivors to a safer region of Raccoon City, away from the "rioting", but was stopped by one of the many roadblocks set up throughout the area. He told the survivors that, although inappropriate for him to say as a police officer, they should no longer depend on the R.P.D. for assistance.

Dorian succeeded in evacuating the remaining survivors when a large R.P.D. task force arrives to secure Main Street, opening a path to a safer region of the city. He doesn't escape with the survivors, nor is he seen dead or infected, so his current status is unknown.

Further Notes

  • It seems Dorian was supposed to confiscate the survivors' weapons during the trip. Each character (except Kevin, which seems to have been replaced by the things he normally says involving asking if it was everyone and about the barricades.) has a reaction to their weapons being confiscated. While Cindy's and Yoko's reactions are more polite, a few of the other characters become distrusting of Dorian. When a Barricade stops him in this sequence, he then says that he can't let the player go unarmed. 



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