The dormitory corridor is an area of the dormitory.


The dormitory corridor is a hallway passage which leads to two doors, Room 002 and the gallery. In Remake, the corridor was slightly added with more furnitures and items such as shelf and scattered newspapers. Instead of solid wooden wall that was featured in the original 1996 Resident Evil, a window was added inside the corridor for the remake.


Guardhouse corridor (1)

Bees coming out of the hole

In the original Resident Evil, two Green herbs can be found at the far end corridor not far from the door toward the Room 002, it can be obtained by pushing the eagle statue out of the way. After Chris or Jill had defeated the Plant 42, a cutscene will shown here involving Wesker. After having a brief conversation with him, Chris or Jill needs to explore Spencer Mansion once more.

In Remake, the corridor lead to two different rooms: Room 002 and Gallery. The door toward the gallery will be locked. The map for the Dormitory 1F can be found located at the far end corridor near the broken hole. While examine the hole, couple of wasps will comes out of it and will attack player. After defeating Plant 42 thus obtaining the Mansion Key, Chris/Jill will meet Albert Wesker upon returning here. In the cutscene depicting them meeting at the area, Wesker was seen shooting at an unseen target when Chris/Jill found him.



Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The door to the Room 002 (Without the key) It's locked. The plate says 002.
The door to the Room 002 (With the key) You have used the 002 KEY.
Resident Evil
Shelf There doesn't seem to be anything useful.
Newspapers Newspaper lie scattered about. They all seem to contain articles about S.T.A.R.S.
The door to the gallery (Without the Key) It's locked. The doorplate reads "GALLERY".
The door to the gallery (With the Key) You used the Residence Key. There's no further use for this Key. Discard? Yes/No
About to take the Residence (Dormitory) map There's a map of the RESIDENCE. Take it? Yes/No
The hole You see a giant beehive.







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