Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Doug Wright was a Professor of Microbiology at Singapore's Bennett University. Due to his credentials, he was made an advisor to the BSAA's Far East branch.[3]


Early life

When his Ricky's parents died, Doug was there to take Ricky in, and since, became Ricky's father figure. He also had a relationship with Mother Gracia, though they broke up for unknown reasons.


While teaching at Bennett University, Doug receives a letter from Gracia reporting of a biohazard case. Going to Marhawa Academy, he sees the zombified Ra-Na, and immediately concludes that the T-Virus is the cause for this. Although he wants to contact the BSAA immediately, Gracia's adamant refusal prevents him from actually contacting Chris. Later he reaches Ricky's room, where he was attacked by Alice, and is immediately concerned at discovering that Ricky was bitten and that another student had turned into a zombie. The next day, however, Ricky makes a full recovery, though suspicious, is not questioned by Doug. Later, another biohazard case is reported to the both of them, and they investigate the scene with Ray and Tahir joining them and providing weapons, while Bindi also aids them with a crossbow. While all the zombies are killed, a dying worker tells Doug that a mysterious gas enveloped the workers, which eventually caused them to turn into zombies. As Ray is attacked by another zombie, and is subsequently killed, Doug concludes that the virus being used is likely an unknown strain, and takes samples to submit back to the BSAA.

Growing more frustrated by Gracia's refusal to talk with the BSAA, he attempts to persuade her again, but is beaten up by her security guards. His attempt to escape with Ricky is then thwarted when their jeep is destroyed by Gracia. Nonetheless, after two students turn into zombies during a school festival, Gracia finally relents to reveal more information to Ricky and Doug. Taking them to the area where Nanan, Bindi's close friend, fell and died after also attempting to escape, Doug offers to help Gracia make amends after the disaster once the truth comes out to the public. On that night, however, Doug, Tahir and Ricky confront Bindi and a mutated Nanan, who proceeds to impale Doug and zombify Tahir. Seriously wounded, he is taken to the medication room, during which Bindi and Nanan infect the entire academy with the C-Virus. Unable to move, he is found by Nanan, who he thinks is Ricky until the final moment, where she kills him.

His body is eventually found by Ricky, and Chris Redfield, who went into the academy to search for Doug and Ricky. Later, he reanimates and attacks Chris, though Ricky puts his uncle down for the second time.


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