Further notes
Resident Evil 3 - Jill shooting at Drain Deimos

A Drain Deimos next to Jill in RE3

Drain Deimos has an HP value of 74-130 on HEAVY mode, and 47-86 on LIGHT mode.[1] They can scale walls and attack by slashing at or grabbing and biting their prey. Although not as fast as some enemies, this monster can rise up on its rear legs and 'run' at the player. If the player cannot escape, it will grab the character and plunge its jaw into their skull in order to extract the cerebra-spinal fluid, which seems to be a favored food. The Deimos can also use its powerful back legs to leap around its preferred hunting grounds, in order to close the distance between itself and the player or to prevent an escape. These monsters prefer places that are dark and damp, frequently lurking in back alleys and old buildings.

Moveset Edit

Attack Damage Description
Grapple (組みつき Kumitsuki?) 30
Both claws (両ツメ Ryō tsume?) 10
Right/Left claw (右/左ツメ Migi/ hidari tsume?) 10 (15)

Strategy Edit

First of all, Drain Deimos never appears alone, if you notice one, you can be 100% sure there are more around - usually 2-3. While they do prowl in groups, they do not attack together, unlike zombies, sliding worms or crows, partially due to the cramped area conditions and their size. This makes beating them a tad easier, as they will not bunch together or encircle you.

Drain Deimos, much like Brain Suckers and Web Spinners, is capable of climbing walls and ceilings. This makes evading them a lot easier than ground-based threats, however, this also complicates targeting them. While crawling atop the ceiling or on the walls, they are unable to attack (as opposed to Web Spinners), so there is a bright chance to finish them off with one shot, provided you have the right weapon for the job. Being mutations of fleas, they also have the ability to jump, although they seem to utilize this rarely.

Using a knife is HIGHLY discouraged, the Drain Deimos is much more powerful in melee combat than regular zombies or dogs, and the chitin crust of its body is very resistant to light weapons, such as a blade. With lots of evading and maneuvering around, it is theoretically possible to kill off a Drain Deimos solely with a knife, however, the locations they appear makes this strategy unfeasible. Unlike the previously encountered zombies and dogs, Drain Deimos cannot be incapitated temporarly in close combat.

The common handgun is also a bad choice because of its slow rate of fire, however, if one can evade the Drain Deimos and keep distance, it is possible to engage and kill them successfully. Using the Eagle is a much better choice, as both its rate of fire and firepower are improved.

When using the shotgun, usually two shots will send this beast to kingdom come, albeit if you're as close as you can get without risking your life, one shotgun blast can kill a Drain Deimos. Always be ready for a second wind though, as a Drain Deimos hit by a shotgun has the tendency to get back on its feet.

Grenade launcher, Mine Thrower, Assault Rifle and all the heavy weapons are more than effective against them. Explosive ammunition may cause the monster's thorax to burst and release small hatchlings, though they pose little to no threat and can be smushed easily by steepping on them.