Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
For a description of the house in Beginning Hour, see Guest House (Beginning Hour).

The Baker ranch guest house was a house on the Baker ranch in Dulvey, Louisiana, used as an auxiliary accommodation for guests. The guest house in particular, and the ranch buildings in general, have been referred to as the "Dulvey Haunted House".


Following a powerful storm at the end of the 2014 hurricane season, the guest house was abruptly abandoned when the Bakers went missing, prompting an investigation into their disappearance. In the years following, occasional sightings of the Bakers led to rumors that the residence was haunted, prompting an investigation of the guest house by the Sewer Gators paranormal TV show. After dozens of kidnappings of civilians near the House, the local police increased patrols and investigations regarding the kidnappings.

Ethan Winters arrived at the guest house attempting to find his missing wife, Mia, after she sent a message indicating she had been held prisoner. While attempting to rescue her, however, she denied sending him any message, and shortly afterwards Ethan was forced to defend himself from her when she attacked him in a frenzy. On his way to the attic in an attempt to escape through the window in there, he encountered Mia again, who severed his hand with a chainsaw, and was then ambushed by the patriarch of the Baker family, Jack, when he finally arrived in the attic, who dragged him to the main house. Ethan later returned to this area via the salt mines to confront Eveline and managed to inject her with a neurotoxin to kill her despite her telepathic assault. The house ended up being all but destroyed when Eveline mutated into a monster.



Level B1F is the basement, which contained various storage materials as well as body bags. Parts of the basement were also flooded which Ethan has to traverse, finding the corpse of Andre Stickland and another way up to the first floor. It also had a cell, where Mia was locked up by Lucas Baker. Part of the basement was also connected to the nearby salt mines. It was connected to the first floor living room via a secret passage by the fireplace.


Level 1F consists of a living room, a foyer, a back hallway, and a kitchen-dining room. Near the living room is a molded door which leads to another hallway that leads to a bathroom and the stairs to the basement. This was the area where Mia Winters, whilst possessed by Eveline, attempted to murder her husband Ethan. The living room also held a secret passageway that was opened via a lever in the fireplace, also leading to the basement. The Sewer Gators uncovered this passageway thinking Andre went down there, and eventually discovered his corpse on a hook before being ambushed by Jack Baker.


The second floor consists of a hallway, which bends to the right. It also has a switch, which lowers the staircase to the third floor, when the fuse is inserted and pressed. Ethan was forced to ascend to the second floor while fleeing from a newly insane Mia, and later returned to the location while confronting Eveline.


Level 3F consists of an attic where a number of mannequins are stored along with an attic window leading to the roof of the house. Ethan encountered Mia here for the last time before he was ambushed by Jack Baker and then dragged over to the Main House alongside Mia. It was also the site where he cornered Eveline and destroyed her human form.