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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Dulvey Haunted House
The Dulvey Haunted House is a reputedly haunted farmhouse in Dulvey, Louisiana, in the United States of America. The property was owned by Jack and Marguerite Baker until their disappearance from community life in 2014, after which it was considered abandoned.


The house was abruptly abandoned when the Bakers went missing, prompting an investigation into their disappearance. When the investigation found no evidence that would lead them to the Bakers, it became a cold case and the house left abandoned.[citation needed] In the years following, noises heard emanating from the property spawned rumors of it being haunted, prompting an investigation by the Sewer Gators paranormal TV show.



Level 1F consists of a living room and a kitchen-cum-dining room.


The second floor consists of a hallway, which bends to the right. It also has a switch, which lowers the staircase to the third floor, when the fuse is inserted and pressed. In the left hand corner of the room, near the staircase to the first floor, there are three mannequins, which will turn towards the player when not looked at. This event is required for one of the three unique phone call endings, whilst avoiding it is required for another.


Level 3F consists of an attic where a number of mannequins are stored.



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