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The Dulvey incident (tentative) was a viral outbreak in Dulvey, Louisiana. The outbreak was caused by an unstable human bio-weapon with hypnotic powers, which also spawned a series of murders perpetrated by Jack, Marguerite, and Lucas Baker.

Background Edit

The bioweapon Eveline was the cause of the incidents. Eveline had a human-like appearance and consciousness, and had the capability to spread a mold-like infection to other people who she was able to telepathically manipulate and control. Her mold would also enable the victims to have superhuman strength and regeneration. Although her infection could be suppressed, further infection would render the person's state incurable.

She was born some time in 2014, and was artificially aged to appear as a ten-year-old child to suit her purpose for infiltration. Her creation and subsequent abilities signaled her superiority to the majority of available bioweapons in the black market, which puts her as a target for other organization to acquire her or, for groups such as the mercenary unit Umbrella Corps to find and kill her.

On October 2014, her creators decided to bring her into hiding at the cargo ship Annabelle, which was bound for Central America, where she would be brought to a second laboratory. She was cared for by agents Alan and Mia Winters, who acted as her parents in public. Eveline referred to Mia as her mother, stemmed from her lack of familial love and her growing obsession to have a normal family after months being treated as an experiment.

Days later, a hurricane hit, while a mercenary force was suspected to simultaneously attack the ship. Eveline became unstable during the attack, infecting Alan and vomiting excessive amounts of Mold. Both the sudden chaos of the hurricane and her growing obsession with family led her to start infecting the crew of the ship. She later killed Alan and infected Mia in hopes of keeping her in her control. When the ship's tankers exploded, Mia and Eveline was thrown from the ship, which drifted into the Louisiana bayou.[1]


The two survivors of the crash, Mia Winters and Eveline herself, were given shelter by the Baker family on October 10. Eveline, using her powers of mind control, was able to take control over Jack and Marguerite Baker, though it would take some time before she gained total control. Two days later, Marguerite began to feel ill following contact with Eveline, no longer aware she had been under control, and later went to the hospital after experiencing hallucinations. By the end of the month she finally succumbed totally to Eveline.[2] Though Jack also lost to Eveline, she was not able to take total control of their children, Zoe and Lucas - the former avoided contact while the latter was supplied with a serum by Eveline's creators in order to work as their mole.

Unaware that Eveline required medication, the enslaved Jack and Marguerite were unable to prevent her deteriorating, aging twenty-five times the normal human aging rate until she gained the appearance of an elderly woman confined in a wheelchair. No longer mentally stable, Eveline passed on this instability to her caregivers. The family themselves disappeared from public life in 2014, with the local police force suspecting foul play after Marguerite failed to visit her doctor following the results of her X-ray which noted a serious fungal infection in her head.[3]

The local police force launched an investigation on Dulvey House where most murders took place, eventually sending a Deputy to investigate.


The precise number of victims of the Baker family in uncertain, though it is believed to have been higher than thirty. An article by Alyssa Ashcroft published in January 2016 counted twenty missing people, though with the Baker family likely included. The majority of the missing were described as either vagrants or tourists.[4]

Jack would assault his victims through immense brute force. Marguerite would produce mutated insects from her body. As he has taken the aforementioned serum to suppress his infection, Lucas instead carries out Eveline's instructions to maintain his guise by creating several sadistic booby traps that mutilate his victims before killing them.

The Bakers catalogued the names of a number of their victims and in some cases infected, or allowed them to be infected by the Mold so they would be "turned" into Molded. The Bakers recorded at least thirteen victims successfully transforming. The twelfth was a man on a honeymoon with his wife, who herself died. Their thirteenth was a homeless man. Another incomplete list shows another eight "turned" victims by name, including Heidi; Lindsay; Steven; Reid and Susan.[5] Another turned victim, Travis, was taken to the incinerator room to prevent him escaping while he slowly transformed.

Most victims however were simply killed by the Bakers or the existing Molded. Courtney, Travis' partner, was given help in escaping confinement.[6] However, she was soon targeted by the Bakers and killed. Another victim was referred to by Jack Baker as a "piece-of-shit hippy", who was caught in the hall and taken to the processing room.[7] It was these attempted break-outs in particular that led to the Bakers locking out the entrance hall door through a complicated relief puzzle.[8] Another three college girls were captured for experimentation in-between their 12th and 13th Molded; all three died.

In June 2017 three Urbexers for the internet series, "Sewer Gators", departed from New Orleans to investigate the "Dulvey Haunted House", the Bakers' Guest House and were reported missing soon after.[9] Andre Stickland was captured and killed by Jack immediately after splitting from the group,[10] while Peter Walken and Clancy Jarvis were locked in a room.[11] Peter was killed by Mia and Jarvis was left injured and later killed by Lucas.

Alongside these incidents, Zoe and Mia made repeated attempts to escape, despite being infected if not under Eveline's complete control. Zoe camped out in an RV located outside of the main house. Lucas, meanwhile, continued to give updates to Eveline's creators through a makeshift hideout in the mines nearby, which could be accessed through the guest house. The Umbrella Co. mercenary group, named after the former bioterrorist organization of the same name, became aware of Eveline's actions and began covertly monitoring the Baker ranch. Seeking to expand her family, Eveline influenced Mia to email her husband, Ethan, to "retrieve" her in hopes of him becoming the father of her family.

Arrival of Ethan Winters Edit

Ethan would receive Eveline's message and make his way to the Dulvey ranch. Ethan made his way to the back of the ranch and entered the Guest House, where he viewed the Sewer Gators' tape and found Andre Strickland's decomposing corpse while searching for Mia. He eventually finds and reunites with Mia, but Mia is visibly mentally fighting for control against Eveline while escaping with Ethan, and has no memory of how she ended up in the ranch. Eveline influences Mia, who begins attacking Ethan; Ethan manages to incapacitate her, although he loses his hand in the process. After being contacted by Zoe on advice to escape, Ethan attempts to escape the Guest House from the roof, but Jack arrives and knocks him out. Zoe staples Ethan's hand back some time before he regains full consciousness.

Ethan is brought to the dinner table, where he meets Jack, Marguerite, Lucas, and, unbeknownst to him, the aged Eveline. Ethan is tormented by Jack and Lucas, who tries to force him into adapting to their lifestyle and, like their, other victims, be welcomed in their "family". Meanwhile, Deputy Anderson returns, forcing the Bakers to deal with him, and enabling Ethan to escape. Jack discovers his escape and begins hunting Ethan. Ethan explores the house in hopes finding a way to escape, all while being contacted by Zoe through telephone and discovering the Bakers' lives before and after their infection. Ethan also begins suffering from the initial stages of the mold infection, as he begins regenerating from both major and minor wounds. He eventually meets with Anderson in the garage, but the latter is killed by Jack. Ethan and Jack battle in the garage, where he manages to stop Jack with a gunshot to the head.

Zoe informs Ethan of the pathogen infecting her and Ethan, which can be cured by mixing materials. Ethan discovers a videotape from an apologetic Mia, who has recovered from her earlier injuries, where she is chased by Marguerite in the old house. Ethan encounters the aged and silent Eveline throughout his travels in the house, unaware that she is the cause of the incidents. Jack regenerates and once again begins stalking Ethan, who attempts to find marble dog heads for the entrance door of the main house. An encounter with Jack forces him to the basement, where he encounters the Molded for the first time. As Jack has the final piece, he is forced to fight him in a grueling battle, which results in him hacking off Jack's entire upper body. He manages to escape the main house and make his way to Mia's RV.

Unraveling Eveline's Plan Edit

Zoe instructs Ethan to collect a D-Series Arm required for the serum used to cure their infection, as she already has the D-Series Head. The arm is located in the old house, where Ethan encounters Marguerite and her insects. He briefly reunites with Mia before she is dragged away by Lucas. As the location of the arm requires Marguerite's lantern, Ethan has no choice but to confront and kill Marguerite. After retrieving the arm, Ethan's worsening infection leads him to hallucinate the young Eveline; he then encounters several Molded as he fights his way back to the RV. Ethan's infection enables Eveline to penetrate his mind and torment him. Meanwhile, Lucas captures Zoe as well.

Eveline's mold has begun rapidly spreading around the ranch. Returning to the RV, Ethan discovers that Lucas has both Zoe and Mia, and requires him to find keycards scattered around the ranch to access Lucas' lair. Ethan then finds a videotape showing Clancy's death after failing a "Happy Birthday" trap orchestrated by Lucas. Ethan manages to use the keycards to access Lucas' lair, where he has to evade several booby traps made by Lucas, who wishes to maintain his immortality. Lucas forces him to go through the "Happy Birthday" trap, but having seen footage of Clancy's death, he manages to outsmart the trap, which forces Lucas to flee.

Ethan manages to find Zoe and Mia in the bayou, where Zoe makes two serums from the ingredients retrieved. However, a heavily mutated Jack arrives, and Ethan is forced to fight him. After weakening Jack, Ethan is spurred by Zoe to use one serum on him, which finally kills Jack. With one serum left, Ethan is forced to cure Zoe or Mia before leaving on a raft in the river. Ethan chooses to cure Mia. Zoe bitterly stays behind with Ethan promising to get help for her. Ethan and Mia leave on the boat and encounter the Annabelle before they are both thrown off the boat by Eveline. Zoe, having been left behind by the two, wanders into the swamp, where she is calcified by Eveline.

Mia awakens and discovers Ethan, before he is dragged away by Eveline's mold. She fights her way through the Molded in the Annabelle while being confronted by Eveline to once again become her mother. After watching a filmed tape given by Eveline, she finally remembers her past and tells Eveline that she is not her mother before finally discovering Ethan in a cocooned state. She tears off the mold and releases Ethan, who had encountered a dream where Jack begged him to save his family and stop Eveline. Due to the serum, she is able to fend off Eveline's influence enough to force him out of the room.

Final Confrontation Edit

Spurred and angered by losing Mia once again, Ethan, with Eveline's tissue samples given to him by Mia, makes his way out of the ship into the salt mine, where he discovers Lucas' lab and the imminent arrival of the Umbrella Co. Exploring the lab, he discovers information about Eveline's creation, abilities and status as a dangerous, mistreated experiment. Using the machines in the lab, he manages to synthesize a toxin to end her suffering once and for all. Eveline becomes aware of Ethan's plan and begins sending Molded to the tunnels to attack him and appearing to taunt him as a result of his worsening infection.

He manages to make his way to the basement of the Guest House, where he engages in a psychological battle against Eveline until he injects her with the toxin, where he finds out about her form as the elderly lady stalking him around the house. The toxin instead mutates her into a gigantic monster that consumes all the Mold around the property. Ethan has no choice but to fend her off until he is thrown out of the house.

With the Umbrella Corps arriving, Ethan has a grueling battle with Eveline's monstrous form, with him sustaining several injuries. The Umbrella Corps provide him with a specialized weapon that kills Eveline once and for all. The Umbrella Corps, led by Chris Redfield, retrieve Ethan and boards him on their helicopter while several soldiers remain to "clean up the mess". Mia is seen aboard the helicopter and the two are happily reunited before Ethan expresses an optimistic future.

Post-Eveline Edit

Pursuing Lucas Edit

Having rescued Ethan and Mia, Chris reluctantly leads the reformed Umbrella Corporation in surveying and exploring what's left of the compound, as the mold and Molded persist despite Eveline's death. Chris decides to pursue Lucas in the salt mines, as Umbrella has received knowledge of him funneling information to "The Connections", an unknown organization that deals with bio-organic weapons. Chris falls into a trap set by Lucas, who attaches a bomb to him after killing one of his men. Lucas leads him further around the large mine both to taunt him by killing more of his men and attempting to kill him by both his traps and the newly-mutated regenerative Molded he has been experimenting on. Chris, however, manages to outsmart him, and he eventually freezes the bomb attached to him in liquid nitrogen, which gives him enough time for him to dispose of it.

As he continues to pursue Lucas, he discovers a secret Connections lab, where Lucas and several scientists have experimented on both the mold and the Molded. Lucas has killed all the researchers and plans to betray the Connections. Chris manages to fight his way to Lucas, who ambushes him with a knife, which forces Chris to shoot him in the chest. This triggers' Lucas mutation into a large monster. Chris manages to kill Lucas for good, and shoots the hard drives to prevent the transfer of Lucas' research to an unidentified buyer. He then returns to the Main House, where, despite his mission's success, he laments his inability to save the Bakers.

Saving Zoe Edit

Ethan asks for Umbrella's help in searching for Zoe, and weeks later, two Umbrella soldiers manage to find her calcified but alive. However, they are ambushed by Joe Baker, Zoe's uncle and Jack's brother, who had been living as a hermit in the compound, is unaware of murders committed by his mutated family and is fighting the Molded on his own. Joe mistakenly believes that Umbrella is responsible for Zoe's condition, and he assaults both soldiers before capturing one. The imprisoned soldier tells him that they have developed a cure that is located in a nearby shack. Joe manages to retrieve it, but it is ineffective when administered to Zoe as it is a partial dose. The soldier volunteers to lead him back to their base for a full dose but he is quickly killed by a Molded who has ambushed Joe's house. Joe flees with Zoe on a boat as his house burns down, and he encounters the mysterious but relentless Molded dubbed the "Swamp Man".

Joe is blocked by a large perimeter wall covering the main compound, and he is forced to search for the base on foot. He discovers the base abandoned and swarming with Molded. He learns that the cure has been moved to a nearby paddle boat. He boards the boat and retrieves the full cure, but he battles the Swamp Man one more time. Joe returns to Zoe to administer the cure, but the Swamp Man ambushes him. After a brief scuffle, Joe removes the front part of the Swamp Man's face where he realizes that the Swamp Man is a reanimated Jack, still alive but a shell of his former self. Jack knocks out Joe and throws him in a coffin to die before kidnapping Zoe.

Joe washes up near the Baker mansion, where he realizes that more Umbrella forces have arrived to the compound as Jack and the Molded have swarmed the area. He approaches the mansion with several soldiers killed by Jack. When he is cornered by several advanced Molded, he finds an AMG-78 power gauntlet from Umbrella's belongings and uses it to fight his way into the mansion. Along the way, he discovers that Jack's survival is due to his mutated cells being enough to survive chemical and physical attack, which made him survive Ethan's initial cure. He finds Zoe in the mansion where he engages battle with Jack one last time, where he uses the gauntlet to finally end Jack's misery. He then administers the dose to Zoe, who awakens just as Umbrella reinforcements led by Chris arrive. Zoe is later fully cured from the infection, where she expresses relief to Joe that her nightmare is finally over. Chris is in a call with Ethan reassuring Zoe's safety, and he gives the phone to Zoe. Ethan reminds her of his promise to get her help, and she thanks him for keeping his promise.


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