"Part of a dummy's hand. Made of celluloid."
— Beginning Hour inventory description.

"Part of a dummy's hand. It's made of metal."
— Resident Evil 7 inventory description.

The Dummy Finger (人形の指 ningyō no yubi?) is a collectible item in the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard demo, Beginning Hour.

A not too dissimilar dummy finger can be obtained in the main game as well, by Clancy Jarvis and Ethan Winters.


In the demo, the Dummy Finger is meant to be combined with the Object Made of Celluloid to create the Dummy's Left Hand.

In the main game, it serves as a mandatory key item for Clancy to progress through Lucas Baker's "activities" while it is passable by Ethan Winters should players know how to escape death by chronicling Clancy's exploits.


The Dummy Finger can be found in a draw near the blocked main entrance.



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