"The case is locked. There must be a keyhole somewhere. It's secured by a simple lock. I could open this if I had a lockpick."
— In CODE:Veronica

"It's locked via a combination lock. Looking closely, you notice the numbers "385" written on the corner."
— In Resident Evil 0

The duralumin cases were metallic suitcases that were all over Rockfort Island in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica X. Most of the time they had to be opened with the lockpick. A duralumin case is also seen Resident Evil 0, where it contains the Handgun Parts. In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, defeating Nemesis in the main game and rescuing persons in the Mercenaries will drop cases that hold different items. However, when picked up, they only show what's inside the case. In Resident Evil 4 and 5, there are cases that contains weapons, ammo, money and even treasures.