Further notes

The Durga's weakpoint is the exposed core in its chest which it will attempt to shield using the arms hanging from its front. The player can either shoot the core between the gaps or destroy the arms themselves. This can be a risky strategy as the Durga will enter a berserk state where it will increase its speed and attempt to ensnare the player with its claw which results in an instant kill.

As with all Uroboros mutations, the Durga is very vulnerable to fire, it should be noted however that using fire will attack the creature as a whole, meaning it will destroy the body parts, which will cause it to enter its "berserk" mode.

Moveset Edit

Attack Damage Description
Tentacle attack (触手攻撃?)
Swing (振りまわし?)
Swing down (振り下ろし?)
Grab slam (つかみ叩きつけ?) Instant death
Jump (ジャンプ?) 100

Strategy Edit

Using a Smokescreen Bottle allows the player to do a melee attack on a Durga. After the attack, it's possible to knife the orange core until the monster gets up and can be easily finished with any firearm.