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E-Mail from Barry to Chris is a secret file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It costs 500BP to obtain after unlocking it through in-game medals.


(I've hacked into the BSAA North American Branch's servers. I'm keeping a copy of this email for my personal records.)

Hey Chris, 

I heard you just got back from Africa. Some crazy shit went down there. Glad to hear you're OK.

And better yet, you brought Jill back! When I heard the news I was so happy I could've done cartwheels down the streets! Not that my knees would allow for that kind of thing anymore. 

I mean, after all the shit the three of us have been through... Y'know, we gotta look our for each other, watch each other's backs. But I don't have to tell you the value of having a good partner now, do I? 

Well, you just got back so you need some time to recover. Take it easy, you hear? If I hear you're hitting the gym again, I'm gonna come down and kick your ass personally! 

I know things are gonna be a bit crazy for awhile for you and Jill, but when you're both settled in let's all go out for a drink or something. It's been too long. 













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