The 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly shortened to E3 1999, was a video game trade fair held in Los Angeles in mid-1999.


Announcements Edit

A GameBoy Color adaptation of the original Resident Evil was announced and displayed at E3.[1] Developed by a third party, Capcom would later pull the plug on the game due to concerns over quality. Dino Crisis was also announced during this event.[2]

Previews Edit

A playable version of the newly retitled Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was available at this event. At the time, the dodging feature had not been completed, and it was absent from the demo.[3] A preview of Resident Evil CODE:Veronica for the Dreamcast was also featured at this event. At the time, Claire had a different costume (possibly based on bonus RE2 attire) and a feature was present where damage to Claire's clothes would indicate injury..[citation needed]

Interviews Edit

Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto was interviewed over the Resident Evil film, which had been announced some time earlier in 1997. Okamoto confirmed the rumours from earlier in the year that George A. Romero had indeed been dropped as writer for the film, owing to problems between Capcom and Constantin over if Romero's vision. Okamoto confirmed there was no script currently written for the film, but assured readers that a scenario had been created.[4]


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