"Easy Mode", also known as "Amateur", is a common difficulty choice in a video game, along with Normal, Hard, and on some games - Very Hard.

In the Resident Evil games, Easy and Normal are all readily unlocked.

Resident Evil 2 Edit

In Resident Evil 2, Leon and Claire will start out with an additional 120 H. Gun Bullets. Three (3) First Aid Sprays will be available once they reach the Item Box.

The only other difference is that when you use the Ink Ribbon to save your progress, it will be colored white versus being blue or red.

Resident Evil 2's Easy Mode doesn't offer many items compared to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit

In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Jill Valentine will starts with a First Aid Kit (which can carry up to 3 First Aid Sprays), an Assault Rifle and two clips of Assault Rifle Ammo. Also, all weapons are available at the Item Box (except the Grenade Launcher, Gatling Gun and Rocket Launcher). Ink Ribbons are also affected; their amount is infinite, allowing the player to save as much as they want. However, Special Weapons parts (which players can obtain by defeating the Nemesis-T Type) are not available.

Resident Evil 4Edit

All PAL/NTSC-J console versions of Resident Evil 4 feature Easy Mode. In this mode, the player will have shotgun(shotgun in village is removed.) and 12 shotgun shells right from the start. Shotgun shells and rifle ammo capacity is also increased to 25 and 20 respectively. The merchant will never run out of his first aid sprays unlike normal difficulty. Amateur Mode is not available on any NTSC console versions of the game. It was later added to the HD PC release.

The key room in Chapter 3-1 is inaccessible, so players can go directly into Salazar's Castle. The Maze in Chapter 3-2 is inaccessible, thus player can proceed to the door to continue the game. The King's Grail room and the clocktower in Chapter 4-1 are also inaccessible. The King's Grail is already in its place, so there's no need for the player to substain the "curse" to get it. The lever inside the clocktower is relocated to the area outside of it, and there is a barrier blocking the stairs to the entrance of the clocktower. In the same chapter, there will be only one Garrador in the room where two would normally appear. The spiked ceiling trap room in Chapter 4-3 will not activate, allowing the player to continue right away, although the parasites will still spawn.

Resident Evil 5Edit

In Resident Evil 5, Easy Mode is called Amateur. In Amateur, there are applied game changes:

  • Player has enough time to perform QTE after cutscene.
  • Enemies deal less damage.
  • Enemies are weaker.
  • Some mini-bosses (Chainsaw Majini, for example) do not wake up after players defeat them.
  • Vehicle loses fewer health.

Resident Evil 6Edit

In Resident Evil 6, like Resident Evil 5, Easy Mode is called Amateur. Applied game changes:

  • Enemies deal less damage.
  • Enemies are weaker.
  • QTEs will be performed automatically (explained by the game).