The cargo compartment (貨物室 Kamotsu-shitsu?)[1] is a section of the Ecliptic Express.

After unlocking the door to the Dining Car, the door or the crawlspace can be used to get back there.


The door to the Kitchens is only unlockable from this end. To open the door, one has to use the Panel opener in the Kitchens to reveal a crawlspace.


There are two Cerberuses in the cargo compartment.[1]

There is Shotgun Ammo, a First-Aid Spray, the Gold Ring, and Gas Tanks.



Location Localization Original script
Any of the boxes The boxes are filled with food and other supplies. There doesn't seem to be anything of use.
The cages A strange odor lingers around the cage.
The door to the Dining car (unlock sound) The door is now unlocked.
The open panel Enter the crawlspace? (options: Yes / No)




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