The Second Class passenger car B is a room in Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.[1]


Passenger Car B seats 24 passengers - less than Car A.Various miscellaneous objects and luggage can be seen littered about the area as well as corpses occupying some of the seats and lying on the floor.


Upon entering it for the first time, a cutscene plays where Rebecca witnesses corpse getting back up and starting to approach her. If the player chooses to defeat them all an extra scene plays where Rebecca wonders what happened.

Three zombies spawn in this room when first visited. Over the course of the Stage progression, a further nine will spawn - "waking up" from their seats.[2]


Location Localization Original script
Open window Through the window, you see a broken ladder. It's of no use right now. 壊れたハシゴが見える。このままでは登れそうにない。
Seats Passenger luggage is scattered all over the place. 乗客の荷物が散乱している。
Train exits It's locked. ロックされている。
The exits after the train has started moving The train is out of control. It's too dangerous to go outside.




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