The second car passage is a room in Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.[1]


This area consist of varying corridors leading to various different rooms the first two rooms are the private rooms A and B while at the end of this section is a door that leads to the conductors room.


A scene plays after picking up the Dining Car Key where Rebecca is confronted by Billy and then Edward crashes through the window. Afterwords, there will be broken glass on the floor, and Edward and two Cerberus will crash into the room.


Location Localization Original script
North-eastern window The rain outside is quickly turning into a downpour. 雨脚が激しくなってきている。
Pile of boxes Luggage lies strewn about the cabin. 荷物が崩れ落ちている。
Conductor's room (locked) It's locked and can't be opened. The door reads "Conductor's Office". カギが掛かっていて開かない。ドアに”車掌室”と書かれている。
Card reader There's a card reader here. It looks like the door will open if you have the right card. カードリーダーがある。専用のカードを使えばドアを開けられそうだ。
Exterior door It's locked. カギが掛かっている。
Employee corpse (with key) This train employee's corpse has been brutally torn apart. He's holding something... 無残に引き裂われた乗務員の死体だ。何か持っている…
Employee corpse (without key) There's nothing else here. もう何もない。
Edward's body (Rebecca) Edward... You were so happy just a few hours ago... He's holding something... エドワード…数時間前は元気だったのに…何か持っている…
Edward's body (Billy) It's the body of a S.T.A.R.S. officer. The body has bite marks all over it... He's holding something...(pick up item screen for Handgun Ammo)
Edward's corpse after taking the Handgun Ammo he had "This body has bite marks all over it."
The window after the train has started moving A strong wind is blowing in from somewhere.
Door to Conductor's room when using the Conductor's Key Used to Conductor's Key. You don't seem to need this key anymore. Throw it away? Yes/No
Using the Blue Keycard on the card reader (card reading sounds) The door is now unlocked.
The card reading after using it The machine has finished reading the card.
The door to the Exterior corridor while its opened but without partner before entering for the first time It's too dangerous to go on alone!




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