The Third car passage is an area of the Ecliptic Express.



Leeches will initially block parts of the room. After exiting the First Class private room B, the leeches will have hatched, leaving the paths unblocked and many leeches crawling around the area.


Location Localization Original script
The diagram by the stairs It's a diagram of the train's layout. The label reads "Passage to First-Class Cabin".
The counter There's an antique-style phone. The line has been cut, rendering it useless.
Any pile of leeches It's some kind of egg. A puddle of slime has formed around it.
The trolly It's a room-service trolley. The trolley is still loaded with plates and bottles. It must have been in use recently.
The green board "Welcome to the Ecliptic Salon! Please join us for a moment of relaxation."




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