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Edonia is small Eastern European country that was involved in a bioterrorist attack by C-Virus-infected La Vita Nuova rebels, who opposed the Edonian government The city was turned into a full-on warzone as the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance was called in to end the crisis.[1]


Edonia was, until the late-1980s, part of the Eastern bloc. Edonia took part in the democratization that spread across the continent.  Internal affairs been unstable and deteriorated even more after Soviet Union collapsed .[2]

Losing public support due to his failure to maintain order, the Prime Minister instead dissolved the Edonian Parliament , effectively becoming monarch. With control over legislature, the Prime Minister was able to weaken the political strength of the renegade military forces that opposed the government ; an attempt to strengthen relations with members of European Union by appearing to be in control of the matter. Finally, in 2010, both Edonia and nearby Eastern Slav Republic ,fell into civil war that involved full scale use of biological weapons obtained illegaly through black market.[2] In 2014, almost 2 years after the bioterrorist attacks, the U.N. is stationing workers in Edonia, according to an article found in the Baker home.

Further notesEdit

The Republic of Edonia is possibly named after ancient Edonia, a region in northeastern Greece.



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