Prime universe
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The Edonian Civil War was an early 21st Century conflict taking place in the Eastern European nation of Edonia. Arising from a dissatisfaction with the democratic process, destabilisations in the region led to a full-blown civil war. Terrorist group Neo Umbrella, a front for The Family, took advantage of this civil war to test their C-Virus in an urban environment following previous tests in South East Asia.


The causes of the civil war can be traced to the Revolutions of 1989. In the mid-late 1980s, the Soviet Union's Politburo elected Mikhail Gorbachev to lead the country following the death of Konstantin Chernenko. As the Soviet Union began reforming itself with increasing civil liberties and democratization, other states in the Eastern Bloc began to emulate it. This soon led to grassroots protests in the individual states, culminating in the legalization of other political parties and the fall of Communism. Edonia was quick to embrace democracy, but domestic problems continued to mount. Tired of the slow process, a group of military officers launched a coup d'etat intent on establishing a junta. Edonia's Prime Minister, faced with weaker public support than ever, was forced to disband Parliament and run it was a one-party state. In spite of the attempted coup, the Prime Minister's government initially strengthened ties with the European Union and improved the civil. Their failure to put a complete stop to the opposition led to disastrous repercussions by 2010 as new anti-government forces took advantage of similar problems in Edonia's neighboring countries to increase their arms, recruiting mercenaries into their ranks to prop up their militias.[1] As the Civil War began, the militias had possession of tanks and planes for deploying paratroopers.

BSAA intervention

In 2012, the Edonian Liberation Army (ELA) began purchasing Bio Organic Weapons from Neo-Umbrella, a front for The Family's bio-weapons research. Requiring combat data for their newly-finished C-Virus, Neo-Umbrella provided the army with Complete Mutants. As reports of bio-weapons spread out of Edonia, the international and UN-regulated Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) entered the conflict against the ELA in a joint-branch force consisting of both North American and European operatives.[2] In late December they were mass-deployed into the country and quickly had an upper hand over the ELA. However, Neo-Umbrella had been expecting this and provided the ELA with samples of the C-Virus; interested in seeing the BSAA go up against J'avo, the mercenaries were tricked into infecting themselves with the claim they were stimulants to aid in combat. It was found that the J'avo retained their military training and increased the severity of their attacks. The BSAA eventually succeeded in destroying the ELA, despite heavy casualties.

US government intervention

The head of The Family and American National Security Adviser Derek C. Simmons had, over the years, constructed a large plan to guarantee the political dominance of the United States in matters of international security. Like the Morgan Lansdale conspiracy of 2005, Simmons had a mutagenic virus engineered for use in terrorism which would be stopped by an American-made vaccine. Only donor blood of a certain genetic trait was believed to be effective in forming a vaccine. Jake Muller, the son of bioterrorist Dr. Albert Wesker, was identified as a mercenary working for the ELA, and was chosen to be such a donor. The need for a vaccine was made official to President Adam Benford, and DSO agent Sherry Birkin was sent into the country concurrent with the BSAA invasion to apprehend him.

Upon her arrival, Birkin discovered that Jake had already taken his "stimulant". Showing no outward signs of mutation, Birkin assessed that he was a perfect match for the vaccine research and was provided with a BSAA helicopter to take him out of the country. However, Neo Umbrella leader Carla Radames began to interfere with Simmons' plan and instead had two helicopters downed by a new B.O.W., Ustanak, with the intent on capturing the two for further virus research to prepare for a new set of viral attacks.[3]


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