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Dr. Edward Ashford, 5th Earl Ashford (died July 1968) was a British virologist. A member of the Ashford family, he founded Umbrella Pharmaceuticals with a fellow aristocrat, Lord Spencer.


Edward Ashford was a friend of fellow aristocrat Oswell E. Spencer and the renowned virologist James Marcus. Together, the three founded the Umbrella Corporation as a cover for their viral research in the pursuit of creating biological weapons as a means to monopolize the military industry.

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Ashford Family Crest

Ashford was a consummate scientific mind well-versed in the field of virology. After the discovery of the Progenitor virus, Edward studied the virus alongside his son, Alexander Ashford. When it became known that the virus was unsuitable for the creation of biological weapons in its current form, Edward immediately pursued the development of a variant strain the founders named t-virus, short for "Tyrant."

Alongside his son Alexander Ashford, Edward made significant advances in his research and laid the foundation of the t-Virus Project, quickly making him renowned among Umbrella's employees. However, in July 1968, Edward fell victim to an accident orchestrated by Spencer and was infected by the Progenitor virus. As his son, Alexander lacked ability in virology, the reputation of the Ashford family suffered a steady decline while Spencer's influence and Marcus's own t-virus research came to dominate Umbrella.

Marcus continued Edward's research, which eventually led to the discovery of a successful t-virus, and Ashford's own granddaughter, Alexia, embraced her grandfather's legacy and created her own separate t-virus, known as t-Veronica, naming it in honor of the matriarch of the Ashford family, Veronica.

Family tree of the Ashford dynastyEdit

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Further notesEdit

  • Yasuhiro Seto, the developer of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, has stated in his blog regarding the Ashford Family: "The Ashford family bloodline was cursed ever since Edward, the fifth generation family head, founded the Umbrella Corporation. This curse also affected his heir Alexander, and his children Alfred and Alexia." This curse would eventually cause the gradual decline and eventual extinction of the once proud Ashford family.[2]
  • Edward's only known physical appearance is of a portrait in the Palace on Rockfort Island that portrayed him as a man in his fifties.[2]


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