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Elevator passage cutscene 2 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Gaiden.


HQ: "Barry, do you copy... Barry do you copy, over?"
Barry: "Copy, over."
HQ: "Thought we'd lost you, what's going on out there."
Barry: "I've found a survivor and I'm pretty certain I've located the B.O.W."
"It took everything I threw at it, but then it vanished."
HQ: "Unlucky about the B.O.W. However we have news on Leon."
"We have unscrambled Leon's last message."
"We believe he is somewhere in the 1st Class Cabin area."
Barry: "Thanks for the update. Over and out".
Lucia: "Why don't we take the lift down, it would be a lot quicker."

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