Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"Get off me! Stay back! Don't come any closer! STAY BACK!!!"
— Elliot is overwhelmed by zombies.

Elliot Edward was a police officer for the Raccoon City Police Department.[1]


Elliot was ordered into the Raccoon City Police Station around the night of September 24, at the height of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. He was not involved with the last handful of officers planning an escape from Raccoon City on the 28th, most likely due to the situation being scattered and chaotic. With the building compromised and the police having taken near total casualties, he planned a last, desperate escape from the building by opening up old passage ways and escaping into the sewers.[2] He was finally killed on the night of September 29, having been attacked by mutants.[1]

Further notes

  • In the original version of Resident Evil 2, Elliot was killed during a bungled evacuation effort via helicopter, in which both Elliot and the pilot are killed.[3] However, the 2019 remake instead has him die in the police station proper.


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