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(Rejected BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil sequel)
Elza Walker
eruza wōkā (エルザ・ウォーカー?)
Biographical information
Date of birth:c.1979[1]
Occupation:- University Student

- Racer[2]

Physical description
Blood type:O[1]
Height:169 centimetres (5.5 ft)[1]
Mass:52.4 kilograms (116 lb)[1]
First appearance:BIOHAZARD 1.5
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Elza Walker was a student at Raccoon University and a motorcycle racer.[2]


Elza was a student at Raccoon University and lived on campus in the dormitory.[3] She was also a motorcycle racer.[2]

Raccoon City outbreakEdit

Following the events of the Umbrella incident in the Arklay Mountains, a leak from an Umbrella facility within Raccoon City had caused a t-Virus (Clay virus ε-strain) outbreak.[4]

Seeking refuge from the chaos within the city, Elza fled to the Raccoon City Police Department and crashed her bike into the main lobby.[Note 1] Elza is able to barricade herself inside of the police station after the crash.[5][Excerpt 1][Note 2] Exploring the west wing of the station, Elza encounters Roy, a wounded police officer who advises her to help the remaining survivors within the station.[Note 3]

At some point, Elza meets Sherry in the garage. They talk with each other through a security shutter.[6] In the station's prison block, Elza finds John who eventually leaves his cell. Back in the west office, Roy pleads to John—who is revealed to be his friend—to kill him before he transforms into a zombie. John hesitates before firing at Roy. Elza leaves to try to activate the communication system within the station.[6]

Elza finds the wounded chief officer, Brian Irons and a discussion takes place between the two, to which it's assumed that he aids her with her escape.[citation needed]

After several zombies break into the station, Elza and John make their way to the rooftop of the station and remove a blockade allowing them to find an entrance to the sewers.[6] The two reunite with Sherry, who has found her way into the sewers from the manhole in the station's garage. The trio make their way out of the sewers to the Umbrella factory.[6] At the factory, Sherry helps Elza and John find their way inside by crawling through a vent and unlocking the door.[6][7] Later, Elza defeats a mutated William who emerges from a cargo elevator. Elza, now accompanied by John and Sherry, take the elevator down into the laboratory. Recognizing the lab, Sherry runs off on her own to find her father. John and Elza follow behind.[6]

Appearance and wardrobeEdit

Elza has light blonde hair, which is tied into a ponytail, and blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a full body Raccoon University racing suit that has red, white, blue, and yellow accents. She wears black gloves and black boots. Over the course of the outbreak, Elza also wears a black R.P.D. tactical vest and white U.S.S. upper body armor, both with a grey sidepack. As Elza takes damage, her appearance diminishes and she begins to appear bloody and disheveled.

Elza's initial appearance was modeled after actresses Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone.[8][Note 4]


Concept artEdit

Gameplay imagesEdit



Further notesEdit

  • Elza was redeveloped into Claire Redfield in the final build of Resident Evil 2. Between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, Claire had inherited a number of Elza's physical and character traits, her storyline, and her inventory.
  • Concept artwork of Elza shows her with a red Ducati bike.


  1. Biohazard Complete Disc, Movie no.1 description (Project Umbrella translation):
    Leon and Elza barricade themselves in the police station. (警察署にたてこもるレオンとエルザ?)
  1. Elza's scenario begins in the lobby, next to a wrecked motorcycle. The glass doors at the entrance are shattered.
  2. A large security shutter covers the broken doorway inside of the lobby where Elza's scenario begins.
  3. Later, Roy is found inside of the west office. The map in the November 1996 build of the prototype shows that there are two small rooms linked to the office which matches other images of Roy inside of a small room. Roy's role closely mirrors Marvin Branagh in Resident Evil 2, making it likely that he wanted Elza to search for remaining survivors.
  4. The concept artwork lists the names Liv Tyler (リブ・タイラー ribu tairā?) and Alicia Silverstone (アリシア・シルバーストーン arishia shirubāsutōn?).
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