Emergency Orders, known as "Emergency requisition order" (緊急徴用令 Kinkyū chōyō-rei?) in the original script, is a file that can be found in the Umbrella's End 2 scenario of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.



As of 12 A.M. today, September 29th, 1998, in provision with Article 12 of the Internal Emergency Procedures, all equipment and personnel are now under the command of the Captain of the Guard, Sergei Vladimir.

His orders are to be strictly obeyed. Any attempts to disobey orders will be punishable by death.

1) This vessel is to infiltrate Raccoon City and air-drop T1 into the R.P.D. police station to take care of any possible survivors.

2) The remaining Ts on board should be dropped in the P-12A Incinerator Facility. They will be able to respond to well-equipped and well-trained U.S. special forces in the area. We must make sure we take all necessary steps to clean them up.

3) After completing the preceding steps, this vessel is to retreat from Raccoon City airspace as quickly as possible. After releasing all of the Ts, there will be another piece of cargo to be transported. Details will follow later.

本日1998.9.29. 12:00をもって、緊急社内則12条により、本機と所属の人員はすべて親衛隊長







Analysis Edit

The purpose of this file is to allude to the U.M.F.-013 computer. Point 1 is a reference to Resident Evil 2, while Point 2 references the backstory to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, which is that the US Army Special Forces arrived at the P-12A facility in search of an entrance to Birkin's facility. The Japanese script to Point 2 makes it clear in the orders that the Tyrants are to "ambush" the US Army Special Forces. They are being sent there to guarantee success, assuming the soldiers are too dangerous to handle conventionally.

Sources Edit

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