Emergency Situation is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is played during Chapter 4 of the Leon Story.



Helena: "Is it over?"

Leon: "Yeah..."
"It's over"

Hannigan (radio): "Leon, we have a situation."
"Sherry and her companion were abducted."
"Our satellite places them at an undersea oil field about 80 miles from you."

Leon: "Abducted? Why?"

Helena: "The files!"
"The ones she gave us!"
"Wait a minute."
"This is the key to stopping the C-Virus. It's-"

Leon: "Jake!"
"Hunnigan, could you check and see if the BSAA has any units near the oil field?"

Hannigan (radio): "Just one moment."

Helena: "What is that?"

Hannigan (radio): "OK, I've got a Chris Redfield on the line."
"Patching you through to his aircraft."

Leon: "Chris Redfield!?"

Chris (radio): "Leon? Leon, where are you?!"

Leon: "Chris! We're just outside Tatchi, why?"

Chris: "Get the hell out of there!"

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