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Employee Evaluation Form is a file that can be found in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


August evaluations:
John Murphy BB
Lloyd Stewart B
Susan Fischer A
Patrick Reyes B
Kim Derek CC
Joseph Murrows AA
Austin Taylor D
Matt Smith B
Maggie Nodle BB

I don't know about that Austin. He's a good hunter, but I don't like him bringing his gun to the Observation Deck. I told him to take it home and he agreed, but he seemed angry.


ジョン・マーフィー   BB
ロイド・スチュアート  B
スーザン・フィッシャー A
パトリック・レイズ   B
キム・デレク      CC

ジョセフ・マロウズ   AA
オースチン・テイラー  D
マット・スミス     B
マギー・ネーデル    BB


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