Enco is a gas station/mini-mart on the side of the roads on the Nevada highway. Alice stops here to refuel and find supplies


In the beginning of the Global T-Virus pandemic, the unnamed proprietor of the business and his employee, Stevie, barricaded the windows of the building, locked the entrance, gathered their weapons and listened to the radio for news broadcasts.

When the zombies started to easily outnumber the living the building's food supply ran low and they were too far from any populated area to get help. They were unable to drive anywhere because of there being no more fuel left (possibly from looters) and didn't have the supplies to travel on foot. They stayed in the gas station loosing hope until they heard a radio broadcast from Arcadia, a "location" in Alaska. Arcadia is actually a ship that broadcasted offerings of food and shelter but unknown to civilization was actually a trap. They immediately started writing down the transmissions and instructions to Alaska in a diary in preparation for a journey there.

When Stevie went outside for an unknown reason he was bitten by a zombie and infected. The owner knew that he would loose his friend and that he couldn't travel to Alaska without him so he went into the backroom and placed the diary beneath him for any survivor to see and hung himself. Stevie was later turned into a zombie and wondered the gas station for the rest of the time.

Years later, Alice arrived to search for supplies and kills the zombified Stevie. She searches the mini-mart and finds the owner hung and covered in bees. She quickle grabs the diary and exits the building. She reads it and plans to head for Alaska in false hope.