Resident Evil 4 all cutscenes - Chapter 1-1 Opening (Part 1)

Resident Evil 4 all cutscenes - Chapter 1-1 Opening (Part 1)

Chapter 1-1 Opening (Part 1)

End of Umbrella is opening cutscene to Resident Evil 4, serving as a prologue.



Leon S. Kennedy: 1998...I'll never forget it.
It was the year when those grisly murders occurred in the Arklay Mountains.
Soon after, the news was out to the whole world revealing that it was the fault of a secret viral experiment conducted by the international pharmaceutical enterprise, Umbrella.
The Virus broke out in a nearby mountain community, Raccoon City and hit the peaceful little town with a devastating blow crippling its very foundation.
Not taking any chances, the President of the United States ordered a contingency plan - To sterilise Raccoon City.
With the whole affair gone public, the United States Government issued an Immediate Suspension of Business Decree to Umbrella.
Soon its stock prices crashed and for all intents and purposes, Umbrella was finished.

Six years have passed since that horrendous incident...

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