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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Enriquez was one of the prisoners of the Sheena Island prison,[1] awaiting to be experimented on to extract β Hetero Nonserotonin, a chemical produced by the brain that is required for the development of the Hypnos-T Type.[2]

He stayed alive long enough to be organized into the 20-member prison group attempting to escape in October 1998, and was tasked with stealing the guards' keys.[1] He succeeded in taking the keys and released his fellow prisoners, but they were caught by the prison guards.[3] The commander of the Umbrella facilities on the island, Vincent Goldman, shot each escapee personally and had the local police chief file a false report to Umbrella, claiming that the prisoners died in a mass-suicide.[3][4] In protest, local people began collecting evidence on Goldman's crimes in order to report him to Umbrella and be rid of him once and for all.[4]


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