Enter Ada Wong is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chapter 2 of Chris Story.



Piers: "Captain."

Carla: "C-Virus."
"That's what the guerrilas were calling it."
"Nice to see the cavalry's here."

Piers: "Who are you?"

Carla: "I work here. My name's Ada Wong."
"They held me hostage."

Chris: "C-Virus."
"That must be what's creating those J'avo."

Carla: "Yeah, I heard them saying something about that."

Piers: "What else did you hear?"

Carla: "Maybe you could put your guns down first?"

Chris: "Not until you give us a reason to."

Carla: "Neo-Umbrella."

Chris: "Neo-Umbrella?"

Carla: "The organization supporting the guerrillas."
"Or at least I think that's what they were calling themselves."

Piers: "So the C-Virus came from them."

Carla: "That's all I know."

Chris: "Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation."
"You're in charge of keeping her safe."

Finn: "Yes, sir!"

Chris: "Keep an eye on her."

Piers: "Will do."

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