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The Entrance Passage (tentative) is an area of the Courtyard.


The passage is composed of a stoned path all around the wall. The entrance passage leads to two room, one ahead leads to the next passage. The door on the right leads to the T-shaped corridor. In the 2002 remake, the water appears to be falling down above the ceiling. A small enclosure was also added containing a typewriter and item box


Entrance passage (7)

Typewriter & Ink Ribbon

In the original Resident Evil, a typewriter can be located between the corner
Entrance passageway (1)
ahead. The path ahead however was cut off which a hole was created, leaving either Chris or Jill unable to cross over it. In order to spin the stoned to the right direction however requires a Hexagonal Crank that can be found later on upon exploring the other passage.

In the remake, player can find an Ink Ribbon, typewriter and item box that are stored in a small enclosure. To get across the large hole, a Hexagonal Crank must be find in order to spin the stone wall and therefore creatig a path to get through.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The hole in between the path toward the door A hole has opened, I can't jump over it.
Hexagonal hole There's a hexagonal hole.
Resident Evil (2002)
Hexagonal hole There's a hexagonal hole here.


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