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The entrance hall is a large room space that connected the east and west wings of the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil and the remake. The hall plays a big role in both versions, serving as a central hub for all the wings of the Spencer Mansion. The S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team originally enters the hall after being chased by a pack of Cerberus. Depending on the character the player chose, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine interact differently with the hall.


The room is large in size and contains many different types of architecture and grand artwork, including paintings, vases, and candles lining against the wall. There is also a large red carpet that links the main entrance to the hall to the stairs leading to the upper level. In the remake version of the game, a few additional rooms have been added to the entrance hall including a door leading to the cemetery behind the hall and the altar that is lying in the back of the staircase. There are also large candelabras on each side of the staircase.


In the opening cutscene, depending on who the player is playing as, either Barry Burton or Chris Redfield ends up disappearing before they get into the room (with Wesker and Jill implying that they may have been killed beforehand, either before or after hearing the gunshot). In addition, the main character will also investigate, either voluntarily or orders from Wesker. A gunshot is heard from an adjoining room. If playing as Jill, Barry Burton will accompany Jill to investigate the situation, due to believing that Chris may have been shot.

After discovering Kenneth J. Sullivan's corpse as well as his murderer and returning to the Entrance Hall, the player is treated to a cutscene where the player discovers that Wesker (and, if the player is playing as Chris, Jill) had mysteriously disappeared. In Chris's scenario, he simply discovers a discarded handgun, while in Jill's scenario, Jill and Barry split up to search the area for Wesker, only to find no sign of him, with Barry then supplying Jill with a lockpick due to her having better use for it.

If the player chooses to examine the front door, a first-person cutscene will play where the Cerberus will attempt to attack the main character, only for the latter to narrowly close the door before it could get in.

Initially, the characters can only access the dining hall doors, as the other doors require different mansion keys. Only when completing the Dormitory and acquiring the Helmet Key is when all the doors in the Entrance Hall become unlocked.

There is a slight difference between the Entrance Hall in the original and remake version of the game. In the Original Resident Evil, Chris or Jill can find a typewriter laying next to the stairs with an Ink Ribbon. There's also a different result while opening the front door. If player had open that door in the remake, one cerberus will jump inside the hall and will become an enemy inside this room.


Entrance hall (1996)

Entrance hall (1996)

Created by Danskyl7Created by Danskyl7
Entrance hall (Spencer Mansion) (Remake)

Entrance hall (Spencer Mansion) (Remake)

Created by Danskyl7Created by Danskyl7


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Checking the main door (After the cutscene of a Cerberus about to attack) It's too dangerous to go outside.
Checking Jill's gun It's Jill's gun...!
Typewriter (Without an ink ribbon) It's an old typewriter. If I had any INK RIBBON, I could save my progress. 
The door to the Large Art Room (Without the key) It's locked. A carving of an armor.
The door to the Large Art Room (With the key) You have used the ARMOR KEY.
Resident Evil
Checking the main door (After the Cerberus jump into the hall) It's too dangerous to open this door...
All the door and stairs (Searching for Wesker) Better finish searching the hall first...
The Urn near the main door A Chinese-style urn.
Pitcher A heavy-looking pitcher.
The door at the back Wonder what's on the other side of this door...
The large window (2F) You can't make anything out through the darkness and fog.
Oil Painting on the right (2F) An oil painting in a large frame. It's been well-preserved, and the people in it are still vividly depicted.
Oil Painting on the left (2F) An oil painting in a large frame. The paint is dried and cracked.
Door to the Large Art Room (Without the key) It's locked. An emblem of a helmet is carved into the lock.
Door to the Large Art Room (With the key) You used the Helmet Key.
The door to the U-shaped corridor (Without the key) It's locked. An emblem of a Sword is carved into the lock.
The door to the U-shaped corridor (With the key) You used the Sword Key.


Director's Cut
Umbrella Chronicles

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