The entrance hallway (入り口廊下 Iriguchi rōka?)[1] is an area of the dormitory building.


In the original Resident Evil, there's one broken wooden hole nearby the door to the dormitory corridor. The hallway leads to multiples room inside the dormitory which include Room 001, Break Room, Staff Bar and the dormitory corridor.

In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, unlike the original version, there's now two broken holes located in between the Room 001 and Break room while the next hole remains the same as the original game.

In the remake, the room was added with few large boxes that was placed near the broken holes.


The original Resident Evil, two blue herbs can be found inside the hallway. The broken hole that appears in the hallway can be closed using the statue found at the centre. If the hole is not closed, this will cause a root to strangle Chris or Jill when they try to run across the hole.

However, in Director's Cut Arrange mode, there's only one statue which can only close one of the three holes.

In the remake, the room 001 will be locked upon entry for the first time. The key for the room can be found inside the Room 002. The box located near the door to the Break room can be move to the broken hole of the hallway. Though player can pass through the broken hole, but a tentacle will attack as soon as they pass.



Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original Script
Supplies (Near the blue herbs) A pesticide spray for flowers. It appears to be empty.
Room 001 (Without the key) It's locked. The doorplate reads "001".
Room 001 (With the Key) You used the Key for Room 001. There's no further use for this key. Discard? Yes/No






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