Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Epilogue (Two Years Later)01:14

Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Epilogue (Two Years Later)

Epilogue (Two Years Later)

Epilogue (Two Years Later) is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the epilogue scene of the whole game. The epilogue is only played if the player has achieved the Good Ending; otherwise, Despair is the final scene.


Two years after Alex Wesker's downfall, Claire Redfield is informed that her brother is in China and asks someone to tell Piers to look after him. She drives towards Barry Burton's home, where he readies himself to receive the guest, friendly chatting with daughters Moira and Polly while a television broadcast reports on the C-Virus outbreak. Upstairs, Natalia Korda, surrounded by articles on bioterrorism, finishes reading The Zürau Aphorisms by Franz Kafka and smiles maliciously — revealing Alex Wesker still lives, inside her body.


Claire: "So he's in China now? All right. Yeah, well, tell Piers to look after him."

Moira: "Dad, would you get your ass in gear? Claire will be here any minute."
Barry: "Well, excuse me! Hey, Polly, you see my jacket over there?"
Moira: "Natalia, are you upstairs? Come on down and get ready."

Natalia/Alex: "A cage went in search of a bird. But now the bird is gone. The bird has changed."

Claire: "そうですが…兄も中国に…わかりました…"

Moira: "ちょっとパパ! 早くしよいとクレアが来ちゃう!"
Barry: "ああすまんすまん! ポリーその辺に俺の上着ないか?"
Moira: "ナタリア聞こえてる? あなたも 準備して降りておいで!"

Natalia/Alex: "”鳥かごが鳥を探しにやってきた”"

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