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Episode 10: Mayu's Real Face is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published in the April 2, 2015 edition of Weekly Shounen Champion.


Mike makes his way over to the control panel wired to the B.O.W., as Inéz warns him that he cannot control the weapon. Mike insists that he can by using an input code and chastises both TerraSave and the BSAA for their efforts in "covering up" bioterror incidents.[excerpt 1] He types away at the computer and activates the B.O.W., which violently trembles as it springs back to life. While Mike and Julie marvel at the sight, all of the implements securing the B.O.W. in place unhook from its body and it falls to the ground. Inéz questions Mike's motives and he reveals that he lied about being the show's producer, but laughs and claims that he is still carrying out similar work to a producer.[excerpt 2] He unveils the B.O.W., praising that the terrible incident it will cause will receive worldwide media coverage and he admits to bringing the entire crew to the island in order to make it happen.[excerpt 3]

Takeru climbs back to the top of the cliff after the Creature Harpoon falls in the sea. He rests on the ground, exhausted and still in disbelief that he survived. With the last of his energy, he stumbles back to Mayu and collapses. She cradles him, with tears in her eyes. She tells him that it is OK, as she could not offer her body as she promised earlier.[excerpt 4] She opens up to Takeru, telling him that as a gravure model, nobody ever cares about anything beyond her body and her image. She tries to explain why she offered herself to him earlier. He then realizes that everything he has heard about her is a lie, and that she is finally showing him her true colors.[excerpt 5] He reassures her. Just then, both of their stomachs growl and they laugh. Takeru mentions that he completely forgot about how hungry he was during the skirmish.



  1. マイク: "できるさ。私はコントロール可能なコードを手に入れている。オマエたちテラセイブやBSAAがひた隠しにしてきたものだ。"

  2. マイク: "番組プロヂューサーの肩書きは偽造したもの。しかし私の仕事はある意味プロヂューサー的と言えるな…ククックククク…"

  3. マイク: "B.O.W.の復活を残虐な事件として世界中に宣伝する!!私はそのためにこの島にロケ隊を引き入れたのだ!!"

  4. マユ: 約束は守らなきやね……
    AD: あ……
    マユ: トミナガさんのモノに…なってもいい……

  5. AD: 無理しなくていい…
    マユ: 無理じゃない… そりゃ… 少しな無理してたけど… 今はトミナガさんを信じようと思ってる…
    AD: ………
    マユ: グラビアの仕事って結構大変でね… 胸とかお尻しか見られなくて…… ありもしないウワサ流されたり…… だから上辺だけの優しを装って… 本心はいつも疑心暗鬼… さっきはああでも言わないと見捨てられると思い込んじゃって… 私…
    AD: そっか… そうだよな…… 自分の身体使って仕事もらってたってウワサ… あれは単なるウワサ…本当じゃない。今が本当の姿…


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