Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 11-1 ending01:06

Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 11-1 ending

Episode 11-1 ending

Episode 11-1 opening (tentative) is the opening cutscene to "Revelations", the eleventh episode of Resident Evil: Revelations.


5:02 A.M.
Above Queen Zenobia

Jill Valentine: "And that's all she wrote for the Zenobia."
Clive R. O'Brian (radio): "It's me. What's happening?"
Jill: "On our way out... We lost Parker."
Chris Redfield: "Jessica took the whole ship down."
"The FBC... well, Morgan, he was one step ahead of us the whole way."
O'Brian (radio): "Yes, I see..."
"I hate to think this could all be a mistake... My mistake."
Chris: "Come clean with us, O'Brian. Don't leave anything out..."
O'Brian (radio): "Alright. It all started one year ago... Right there, in Terragrigia..."

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