Episode 11: Revelations is the eleventh episode of Resident Evil: Revelations, and the second part of Chapter 4.




This entire episode is a boss fight against the colossal Malacoda. Make sure you have either a machine gun or sniper rifle (with damage upgrades equipped) and several herbs. The battle takes place on part of the ship's deck with the boss looming above you. There are two herbs at opposite ends of the deck; be sure to save them until you really need them.

The Malacoda will attack with its tentacles which serve as its main weakpoints, do not not waste ammo firing at the body, as it does no damage. The tentacles have two attacks, they will slam into the deck or fire strange projectiles at you. Both of these attacks can be avoided by sprinting to the other side of the deck or by evading. This battle is timed, you only have 4 minutes to defeat the boss.

Fire at the tentacles using a rifle or machine gun depending on your accuracy. Inflicting enough damage will cause them to break off from the Malacoda's body, though they will respawn shortly afterwards. Kirk will then periodically drop ammo refills and a rocket launcher, it can destroy a tentacle with one shot though you should still use your own weapons to damage the boss as well. After enough tentacles have been destroyed, the Malacoda will collapse and you can board Kirk's helicopter.

The Malacoda will re-awaken and you must battle it using the machine guns on board the helicopter (just like the encounter on approaching the Zenobia). Kirk will automatically pilot the helicopter around the boss, so focus on destroying the tentacles like before. You can destroy the projectiles it fires and prevent the tentacles attacking by shooting at their "heads." Save your grenades for when you face multiple tentacles at once. Eventually, you will have to battle four tentacles simultaneously, defeat them and the enraged Malacoda will roar at you. Kirk will hand you a missile launcher, lock on to the creature's mouth and wait for the prompt to appear (press the Y button). Fire the missile to finally destroy the Malacoda and finish the episode.

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