Episode 11 is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published in the April 9, 2015 edition of Weekly Shounen Champion. It's alternate title [島の秘密] roughly translates to "Island of Secrets."


At the temple, Mike continues to gloat about his accomplishments, and brings up the reason for producing the Idol Survival reality show: there are so many cameramen around the island that their deaths will provide more than enough footage to advertise bioweaponry for foreign despots and terrorists. As the weaponry is relatively cheap for the black market, he hopes it will be a success, and points out he was paid considerably for his services. As the bio-weapon begins to awaken, Mike half-jokes that Inez will be used as nourishment. Mike asks Zili to head out to their "Master" and inform him of their discovery, and that they should resume the island's secret operations. Mike and Zili are interrupted by the Shaman, who berates them for stealing his "wife". The creature finally awakens, which the Shaman claims is due to responding to the keyword "wife". Realising he has walked into a trap, Mike tries to halt the computer program and force the creature back to sleep. The Shaman is adamant the sequence cannot be aborted, but Mike remains at the computer out of shock of what he is seeing. The creature wields a propeller and slices him apart. Zili manages to escape.

Inez unravels herself from the ropes and wakes up Marilou. Hearing her TerraSave-issue phone ringtone, she rushes to it and turns on the 'SOS' and 'Track Me' features, which allow other TerraSave members to work out her location. When the creature swings at her, Inez drops the phone and it smashes on the floor. This worries her, as it is possible the signal was not received by Claire's phone.


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