Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 12-2 ending

Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 12-2 ending

Episode 12-2 ending

The Episode 12-2 ending (tentative) is the ending to the second half of Resident Evil: Revelations' "The Queen Is Dead", the twelfth level of the game.


Jack Norman: "...done... everything, finished…"
"finally... I can die... I... can die..."
Chris Redfield: "This is how Morgan treats his friends."
Jill Valentine: "I hope he finds more comfort in death than he did in life."

Norman: "The means of dispersion?"
Morgan Lansdale: "The cruise ship is equipped with a UAV. That is your delivery system."
Norman: "Very well."
"Now show me the goods."
Morgan: "Bona fide T-Abyss."
"No vaccine, not yet."
Norman: "Yes, of course..."
"A little bit of this could turn a city inside-out."
Morgan: "I think we're done. I'll be on my way."
Norman: "Who would have thought, yes?"
"That the lowly terrorists would receive a helping hand..."
"from the venerable Commissioner of the FBC."

Clive R. O'Brian: "As you can see,"
"it's not likely you'll be wriggling out of this one."
Morgan: "I seem to have underestimated the BSAA."
"Perhaps you, as well."
O'Brian: We found this in the off-limits area near Terragrigia.
"We're done analyzing it,"
"so you can have it back."
Morgan: "Director O'Brian, surely you understand our dilemma?"
"Without the Terragrigia Panic, "
"the ignorant masses would be unaware of the threat that lies before them."
O'Brian: "Yes.You may in fact be correct."
"Morgan": No one has the right to detain me.
"The world required my guidance. It was all for the greater good."
O'brian: You're only fooling yourself. "
"You said yourself, "
""Abandon hope all ye who enter here.""
"But I'm not Dante."
"and you're not Vergilius."
"Morgan Lansdale."
"You are hereby relieved of your position of FBC Commissioner. "
"And, "
"I'm placing you under arrest on suspicion of conspiring with Veltro in the planning and execution of the Terragrigia Panic."
Morgan: "With all due respect, Director O'Brian."
"The BSAA is making a huge mistake."
O'Brian: "Where have I heard that before?"
Chris: "We can finally reveal what happened at Terragrigia."
Jill: "Yeah, but the cost was high."
Chris: "The BSAA will have to be overhauled."
Jill: "The storm is gone now."
"But how long will it last?"

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