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Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 2-1 ending01:27

Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 2-1 ending

Episode 2-1 ending

The Episode 2-1 ending (tentative) is the ending cutscene to the first half of "Double Mystery", the second episode of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Chris and Jessica reestablish contact with BSAA HQ, and come to the conclusion that Il Veltro is responsible for Jill and Parker's disappearances.


O'Brian: "This is Forkball. Do you read?"
Chris: "Chris here. I read you, sir."
O'Brian: "Are you alright? Where are you?"
Chris: "The interference here killed our signals."
"We're at Valkoinen Mokki Airport."
O'Brian: "Damn it. It was all a setup..."
Chris: "What do you mean?"
O'Brian: "I sent Jill and Parker to the Mediterranean on faulty intel,"

7:02 P.M.
BSAA Headquarters

O'Brian: "and now I've lost contact with them."
"I haven't heard from them since."
Chris: "How? What's going on?"
Jessica: "Chris. You better look at this."
Chris: "That's impossible!"
Jessica: "O'Brian, you're not gonna like this.
"We found the Veltro crest."
O'Brian: "Then stories of their resurrection are true. If that's the case, then--"
Jessica: "Then the setup that got Jill and Parker, it was all--"
O'Brian: "Yeah, I'd almost guarantee it."
Chris: "O'Brian, we'll go after Jill and Parker. I hope that's not a problem."
O'Brian: "Not at all. Make your way to the Mediterranean and we'll keep you posted."
Jessica: "Any idea what's going on?"
Chris: "We'll sort it out later. We have to move."

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