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For other instances of "Episode 3", see Episode 3.

Episode 3 (第3話 Dai 3-wa?) is the third chapter in the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was re-released as part of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island 1 tankōbon.


Inéz and Marilou explore deeper into the island and come to a large, ruined stone building. Marilou explains that it has been used as a temple by shamans.

While exploring the temple, Inéz notices something suspicious about one of the objects in the room. After removing the drapes with Marilou, they find behind it a bound, four-armed, masked being with various tubes. Inéz then deduces that the creature was a B.O.W.,[excerpt 1] confusing Marilou, who does not know was a "B.O.W." is.[excerpt 2] Inéz then explains to Marilou the history of B.O.W.s, mentioning Umbrella, infamous for making the "Tyrant" and "Hunter models".[excerpt 3] Inéz prepares to take a photograph of the creature to send to Claire,[excerpt 4] but is ambushed by two villagers and drops her phone. The village shaman from earlier then appears behind and takes Marilou hostage, threatening to cut her head off.[excerpt 5] Inéz is forced to the ground and her handgun and phone are confiscated. The shaman explains to Marilou that the creature is not a monster, but her "husband".[excerpt 6] The creature begins to stir.


Further notesEdit


  1. Inéz: "コレは…生きてるんです……!!! まさか…B.O.W.…"
  2. Marilou: "ビーオーW?"
    Inéz: "バイオ オーガニック ウェポン"
  3. "B.O.W.は兵器として開発された生物で恐るべき戦闘能力を持つ。 タイラントやハンターという製品がアンブレラ社により生み出された"
  4. Inéz: "クレアの方がB.O.W.について詳し… 連絡をとる…"
  5. Shaman: "娘を生首にしたいのかね?"
  6. Shaman: "クックッ… いいかマリルー。 アレは化け物なんかじゃない… お前の夫だ……!!!" Marilou: "私の夫……!!?"

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