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Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 6-2 ending01:47

Resident Evil Revelations all cutscenes Episode 6-2 ending

Episode 6-2 ending

The Episode 6-2 ending (tentative) is the ending of "Cat and Mouse", the sixth episode of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Parker Luciani (radio): "How do you know it's a setup?"
"What is it, boss? Say something!"

Clive R. O'Brian: "Just stay put. I've got an emergency call."

Parker (radio): "No, wait!"

BSAA Employee (call): "Director O'Brian, we've received an emergency call from the ESF."
"They've reported satellite movement."

O'Brian: "The European Security Force? Go on."

BSAA Employee: "Yes, sir. Apparently Terragrigia's solar energy integrator is being reactivated."

O'Brian: "Already in motion, are we?"
"Looks like somebody's found the Queen Zenobia."
"You haven't changed a bit."

O'Brian (radio): "Parker!"

Parker: "HQ! What's going on!?"

O'Brian (radio): "All hell's about to break loose. The solar energy matrix has activated."

O'Brian: "They're aiming at the Veltro hideouts on the Mediterranean disguised as cruise ships."

Parker: "The satellites that destroyed Terragrigia!"

Jill Valentine: "Are right above us... They can't just ignore the ultimatum and obliterate the ship!"

Parker (radio): "Boss. Get us out of here!"

O'Brian: "Sorry, but I can't authorize that."

Parker Luciani (radio): "全てが罠    …何の話だ    ボス?"
"なぜ黙る…答えろ    ボス!"

Clive R. O'Brian: "…そのままで待て    緊急回線だ"

Parker (radio): "話はまだ…"

BSAA Employee (call): "オブライエン代表    欧州連合の外交部から緊急連絡"

O'Brian: "外交部の連絡? 続けろ"

BSAA Employee: "…テラグリジアで使用した太陽光集積システムが再使用の起動段階との報告"

O'Brian: "アレが動き出した…だと"

O'Brian (radio): "パーカー"

Parker: "ボス!? どうなっている!?"

O'Brian (radio): "…緊急事態だ    太陽光集積システムに動きだ"

O'Brian: "その狙いは地中海上    ”ヴェルトロ”のアジトである偽装客船だ…"

Parker: "”テラグリジア”を焼きつくした衛星が!"

Jill Valentine: "私たちの真上…"
"犯行声明は無視で    この船ごと ”ヴェルトロ” を滅却する気"

Parker (radio): "ボス    早く脱出の手配を!"

O'Brian: "…すまん    それは許可できん"

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