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Cornered is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It is the sixth chapter in the manga, republished as part of the volume 1 tankoubon.


To escape from the masked creature, AD and Mayu jump off the cliff, landing in a pool of water in some wetlands. The creature, arriving too late, heads back into the woods in search of a way down. AD finds that the electronics aren't working, likely due to the water. This stops them reporting the attack and getting help, so have to walk back to base camp. The camera too has also been damaged.[excerpt 1] Knowing the creature is still nearby, AD suggests Mayu run while she can, but she can't run any further.[excerpt 2] AD spots a large tree and tells her to climb it to hide in.[excerpt 3] As they hide, the creature arrives and begins sweeping its spear around the bushes in search of them below.


Further notesEdit


  1. Mayu: "苦しかった…"
    AD: "泥水のせいか? 電源が入らない!!"
    Mayu: "ええッ!? 無線機壞れちゃったの!? それじゃあ… ベースキャンプに連絡げもう… それにADさん。 カメラは?"
    AD: "あ… そうにえばどこに…!?"
    Mayu: "……"
  2. AD: "とにかく…… 奴はまだ近くにいる。 逃げようマユちゃん"
    Mayu: "ケホッ… ダメ…もう走れない…"
    AD: "…でもここから離れないとマズイよ…"
    Mayu: "…… ゴメンなさい… "
    AD: "マ…マユ……"
    Mayu: "足手まといだよね…"
  3. AD: "またこっちへやってくる… どうすればいい…!? 登ろう.少しでも安全なところへ……!!"

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