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Episode 8 is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. The name of the chapter, Tatakai (戦い?), translates as either "fight" or "battle".


The issue begins with Claire heading over to a museum (博物館) to do research. She finds a book entitled "Sonido de tortuga Island History". An excerpt brings up the presence of "demons" on the island ("かて多くの悪魔があの島に渡っている"). Claire reads on, finding that there was a US military base established on the island in the 1930s, which is now in complete ruins.[excerpt 1] Claire is interested by this base, and looks for another book to better understand it's history.[excerpt 2] She takes out another volume of the history book, covering a later period of time. The book says that in the late 1990s businessmen came to the island and bought the ruins to turn it into a laboratory.[excerpt 3] Looking at a group photograph, Claire notices a man in a wheelchair.[excerpt 4] She finds the man very familiar and takes out her smartphone to look for him. Her suspicions are confirmed when she pulls up a picture of the Umbrella co-founder Oswell E. Spencer. While he has been dead for some time, his legacy continues in the many secret laboratories scattered across the world.[excerpt 5] Claire slams the book on the table and calls Inéz, warning her she has a very bad feeling about going to that island.[excerpt 6]

Back on the island, AD Tominaga is being stalked by a chained monster alone after Mayu disappeared. Moving deeper into the jungle, he finds the trees render it unable to whip him.[excerpt 7] Tominaga gains an adrenaline rush and starts intimidating the monster even when it does manage to hit him.[excerpt 8] During this he overhears Mayu calling out to him. Leading the monster to a cliff, he tricks it into falling over, mockingly declaring "DIVE!!!" as a one-liner.[excerpt 9]


  • Claire Redfield
  • Oswell E. Spencer (photograph)
  • Inéz Diaco
  • AD Tominaga
  • Mayu

Further notes


  1. "初めに来たのはアメリカだった。1930年代この島にはアメリカの軍事基地が作られた。不安な世界情勢のためここに基地が必要だったのだ。基地は今や完全な廃墟となっている…"
  2. Claire: "もう少し近い時代を調べてみよう…"
  3. "1990年代後半廃墟となった軍事施設が実業家に賈い取られる。そこに研究施設が作られたくさんの研究員が渡った。"
  4. Claire: "こ…この男…"
  5. "陰ながらアンブレラをコントロールしてきたこの男はすでに死亡している…だがその野望の爪痕はいまだ世界を苦しめている…この島がスペンサーの研究施設だったなんて……"
  6. Claire: "急いでイネスに知らせないと……!! つながらない…… メールは届いているのに…!? あの島で何かか起こっている…!? 悪い予感は当たるのよね…"
  7. "ジャングルで助かった…密集した木々でヤツの武器は完全には機能していない何より僕ターゲットにしたことでヤツの頭からマユちゃんの存在は消えた
  8. AD Tominaga: "そうそうそう!! いい感じ! こっちだ!! かかって来いモリオ!! 後は…コイツを上手く誘導して…コイツと一緒に…"
  9. AD Tominaga: "ダイブだッ…!!!"

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