Episode 9: Surviving The Fall is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published in the March 26, 2015 edition of Weekly Shounen Champion.


Immediately after Takeru throws the Creature from the cliff, he is saved by a rope tied around his waist, which he created earlier during the struggle and fastened around the tree Mayu was hiding in. Held tightly in place, Takeru taunts the falling Creature. Suddenly, the Creature uses the anchor on its back to hook onto a tree growing on the side of the cliff, saving itself. It groans loudly and begins scaling the side of the cliff, while Takeru watches in disbelief. Noticing that the anchor is weakly supported on a branch, Takeru acts quickly and swings himself toward the Creature. It lunges its harpoon at Takeru, barely missing, and Takeru successfully breaks the anchor loose from the tree, sending the Creature into the sea.

Mike and Julie stand inside of the temple hall, where Inéz and Marilou still lay bound on the floor. The Shaman watches close by. Inéz's phone rings as Claire tries to call her. Startled by the sound, Mike and Julie look over at Inéz, who awakens and calls out to Claire. Mike mocks the dazed Inéz, who struggles to understand the situation and attempts to break free from her restraints. Mike begins to reveal his plan: due to the U.S. government's cover-up of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident and its continued involvement in Bio Organic Weapons research, he plans to release the B.O.W. in the temple and let it run rampant.[excerpt 1]


Further notes

  • Claire's contact image in Inéz's phone is based on an image of her from Raccoon City, which Inéz would be unlikely to have.


  1. "1998年。アメリカ中西部のラクーンシティが滅菌作戦によるミサイル攻撃によって消滅した… 政府はひた隠しにしているがね。表向き… ウィルスの拡散を抑えるためとされている。しかし真実は違う…そこではウィルスで戦闘力を強化した生物兵器が研究されていて… その秘密のために消されたのだ。B.O.W.と呼ばれる生物兵器… こいつはその※眷属だ…!!そして今から私の思い通りに暴れ回る!!


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