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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Ethan Winters is a civilian who was caught up in the incident at the Dulvey Haunted House.


In 2017 Ethan received a message from a woman claiming to be Mia Winters, his wife who was reported deceased in 2014. Ethan journeyed out to Dulvey, Louisiana in search of her, taking him to the "Dulvey Haunted House" formerly owned by the Baker family until their own disappearance that same year.


He does not have the professional fighting skills that most of the previous Resident Evil protagonists displayed. Despite this, Ethan displays proficiency in guns, as evidenced when he shot Jack Baker multiple times during his encounter with him.

Further notesEdit

It was stated by Masachika Kawata that Ethan is not the same person as the protagonist of the KITCHEN and Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour demos.

In the Lantern Demo, it is implied that there is some form of strain on Ethan and Mia's relationship. During the demo, Mia can be heard saying "I know I can't expect anything from you." Further implication is included in the Bakers [1] tape, where she confesses to having lied to him.


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