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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Eveline was a genetically-modified human conceived as part of the next generation of bioweapons research, most likely conducted by an unidentified B.O.W. manufacturer, designed to eliminate enemies without the need for combat. As a result of the merging of an anomalous bacteria into her genome during the embryonic stage, she gained the ability to control the minds of people who came in contact with her. Eveline was unique in being both the first E-Type bioweapon, as well as her unhealthy obsession with creating a family to suit her own needs.


Early life

Eveline was born some time in 2014, and was artificially aged to appear as a ten-year-old child to suit her purpose for infiltration. Her birth proved to be controversial in the bio-weapons market, as her projected ability to end battles through mind control rendered the economically-devastating traditional bio-weapons obsolete. With groups such as the Umbrella Corps determined to track down her Creator's lab and kill Eveline, the company made the decision in October 2014 to take her into hiding. Agents Alan and Mia Winters discretely took Eveline with them on a cargo ship bound for Central America, where they planned to disembark and take her to a second laboratory. Eveline quickly became accustomed to Mia, referring to her as her "mommy" as she had for previous carers in the lab; the difference here however was that to avoid attracting suspicion Mia and Alan were to put on the act of parents when in public.

On October 5 the ship was attacked by a mercenary force as a hurricane approached.[1] Eveline became unstable during the attack, infecting Alan and then running away adamant on not spending her life in a laboratory. During hiding on the ship Eveline began vomiting excessive amounts of Mold, and then turned on the crew. Eveline later accelerated Alan's consumption by the Mold as punishment for calling her "that bitch", and infected Mia with the Mold as well in the hopes of keeping her alive under her control. The two fell into the Gulf of Mexico as the ship's tankers exploded.

Eveline and Mia were recovered by the Baker family on October 10 after the storms had subsided. With Mia unconscious, they had no way of knowing the danger Eveline placed, and instead provided the two with boarding. Eveline was given Lucas' old bedroom and Zoe was sent out to provide her with new clothing. However, Eveline ran away and infected Marguerite and Jack, turning them against the two. It took several more weeks to keep the Bakers under her control though, with them lapsing back to their normal states with a deep suspicion of Eveline but unable to remember why.

Dulvey incident

Over the next three years Eveline began ordering Lucas to abduct homeless people and tourists in the hopes of adding them to her adopted family. Though he was immune to her mind control thanks to a serum provided by Eveline's creators, he nonetheless kept up the pretense and was able to fool her into thinking he was still under her control. Jack and Marguerite, meanwhile remained under her control for the rest of their lives, and had them kill most of the abducted when they were deemed unfit to be part of her family. Eveline's obsession with family drove the Bakers to abduct more and more people in 2016, attracting national attention. It accelerated in the latter half of the year as her body began to wither from the effects of rapid aging at twenty-five times the typical human rate. By early 2017 Eveline had the appearance of an eighty-year-old woman and was placed in a wheelchair to preserve her mobility. The Bakers nonetheless increased their abductions in accordance with Eveline's wishes.

Arrival of Ethan Winters

In mid-2017, Eveline manipulated Mia into contacting her husband, Ethan, in the hopes he could be turned into another father figure for her, having previously ignored Mia entirely. When he freed Mia, intent on escaping the Bakers' guest house with her, Eveline ordered her to kill Ethan in response to his inadvertent attempt to break up the family.

Eveline was properly introduced to Ethan in the middle of the night when Jack recovered his unconscious body and set him at the dinner table next to her. From her wheelchair she slowly followed Ethan around the property, occasionally causing hallucinations such as the sound of childish giggling. A visual hallucination appeared to Ethan when he recovered the arm of a D-Type bio-weapon. After Mia was treated with a serum made from the arm, she also began hallucinating Eveline, who became enraged with her when she expressed disgust at the prospect of being her "mommy" again.

In the early hours of the morning, Ethan began to experience increasingly intense hallucinations of Eveline as she focused all her power on controlling him. Despite giving him visions of Mia swinging a chainsaw at him, Ethan was able to reach the attic of the guest house where the real Eveline was hiding. When Eveline was injected with the E-Necrotoxin, her ability to control his mind ended and he could only see her aged form. Eveline began to cry, lamenting that everyone "hated" her and screaming about how much it hurts. Her body then broke down and merged with the Mold around the house, turning her into a large Mold-based creature towering over the guest house. Her fight with Ethan was short thanks to the efforts of an Umbrella Corps helicopter in dropping an anti-B.O.W. weapon for Ethan to use. Suffering serious damage, Eveline finally calcified and her body broke into pieces.


Eveline's personality was that of a troubled young girl with a deadly obsession for a "family", which is questioned in one of the research notes to be either because she instinctively considered a family a better means of infiltrating than just a lone person, or because she herself lacked the kind of love expected from a family due to growing up as a test subject and in quarantine. Eveline was willing to do anything to build a family for herself, often resorting to abusing and killing people who did not want (or whom she deemed unfit) to be part of it. She could be childishly violent and vindictive. Lucas, in an email details how she still has the mentality of someone her age, this is further elaborated after Ethan injects her with necrotoxin where she tearfully asks why she's hated, something a child would ask when in trouble.


Eveline is a unique bioweapon, using a fungus produced by her body to control people's minds. Its filaments lead to the origin of bacterium superorganisms[2] known as Mold,[3] which Eveline utilizes to infect other people. Once the degree of the contamination is high enough, her mind and that of the victims' become connected through biological and chemical conditions, allowing her to manipulate her victim into doing her biddings, such as having a hostile behaviors or perform self-mutilation. With psychological shock breaking down her victim's natural mind barrier, she is able to brainwash her victims. In her young form, she is able to emit shockwaves capable of knocking back Ethan, though, it is only shown when she induces her hallucination.

She's also capable of converting all of the accumulated Mold's mass into a single physical super-organism which appears as a humongous mass of black tendrils and her face in its center.

Further notes

  • The photograph of the elderly Eveline marked with number "E-001" can be encountered at the beginning of the game, long before it is relevant. It is unknown who took the picture, though it was likely taken by Lucas, as he kept observing Eveline throughout the 3 years gap after escaping Eveline's control and wrote a report about it on his laptop.
  • Eveline ages extremely quickly due to not having the medicine to keep her powers in check.
  • Eveline's influence can be seen throughout the KITCHEN and Beginning Hour demos, although she wouldn't be fully introduced until near the ending of Resident Evil 7.


  • "Are you mad at me, mommy?"
  • "They're mine now."
  • "Hello, sister."
  • "Kill him, mommy."
  • "Over here, mommy"
  • "I'm tired of waiting."
  • "Are you remembering?"
  • "You need to remember, so we can be a family."
  • "He doesn't love you. I can make him love you"
  • "You're not my mommy. Remember?"
  • "You're just a little boy."
  • "He doesn't want to be my daddy? Then he can die."
  • "Now it's mommy's turn to kill you."
  • "Why does everyone hate me?"
  • "It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!"
  • "Damn you. Damn you all to hell!" (English only)
  • "I just wanted a family."



  1. A mercenary attack is implied during the VHS segment, in which Alan describes Eveline escaping during an attack.
  2. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017), file: "R and D Report (2 of 2)"/
  3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017), file: "Infection Report".

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