1. Unlocked safe in Room 101.
  2. Provided emergency power.
  3. Solved Europe maps puzzle.
  4. Dropped crate in the owner's room.
  5. Destroyed 304/305 wall.
  6. Cleared with Len's tag.
  7. Cleared with Charlie's tag.
  8. Cleared w/Len and Charlie tags.
  9. Obtained Apple Inn map.
  10. Obtained "Guest Memo 1."
  11. Obtained "Guest Memo 2."
  12. Obtained "Guest Memo 3."
  13. Obtained "Janitor's Repair Memo."
  14. Obtained "Janitor's Daily Report."
  15. Obtained "Guard's Notebook."
  16. Obtained "Emergency Manual."
  17. Obtained "Guest List Copy."
  18. Got "Hotel Charge Breakdown."
  19. Defeated Regis Licker.
  20. Opened secret security rm. door.
  21. Used motorized ladder.
  22. Used card key to unlock door.
  23. Used passcode to unlock door.
  24. Used gold relief key.
  25. Used silver relief key.
  26. Rang front lobby bell.
  27. Opened locker with lockpick.
  28. Watched "Call over Radio."
  29. Watched "Regis Licker Appears."

Decisions, DecisionsEdit

  1. Set red jewel in stuffed moose.
  2. Set blue jewel in stuffed moose.
  3. Solved Cuckoo Clock Puzzle.
  4. Play Piano on 2F (Cindy).
  5. Pulled string, moved statue arm.
  6. Pulled string, zombie came out.
  7. Use V-Poison in incubator.
  8. Use P-Base in incubator.
  9. Use T-Blood in incubator.
  10. Used Daylight on yourself.
  11. Kill Thanatos R with Daylight.
  12. Defeated Thanatos R.
  13. Routed power to emission tower.
  14. Unlock door with red tag key.
  15. Unlocked water tank area door.
  16. Electrocuted Thanatos.
  17. Thanatos come in through window.
  18. Collected every map.
  19. Used glasses on 2nd statue.
  20. Used card key.
  21. Input elevator code.
  22. Unlock university doors.
  23. Restarted incubator.
  24. Obtained "Geneology Facts."
  25. Obtained "Blood-stained Memo."
  26. Got "Reagent Generation Memo."
  27. Obtained "Section of a Diary."
  28. Obtained "Cable Repair Request."
  29. Obtained "Torn Memo."
  30. Obtained "A Page of Torn Memo."
  31. Obtained "Orders."
  32. Obtained "Peter's Diary."
  33. Obtained "Number Memo."
  34. Watched "Peter Discovered."
  35. Watched "Hunter Gamma Appears."
  36. Watched "UBCS vs Thanatos."
  37. Watched "Greg and Yoko."
  38. Watched "ED: Chopper Zombie."
  39. Watched "ED: George and Cindy."
  40. Watched "ED: Mark and David."
  41. Watched "ED: Kevin and Jim."
  42. Watched "ED: Alyssa and Yoko."
  43. Watched "ED: Regretful Ending."
  44. Watched "ED: Remain Hopeful."

Wild ThingsEdit

  1. Solved combination lock (20pts)
  2. Cut chain on zoo gate (30pts)
  3. Played tape at Elephant Stage (20pts)
  4. Copied parade BGM tape (30pts)
  5. Played tape at front gate (40pts)
  6. Crushed Rafflesia (30pts)
  7. Turned on red light in office (20pts)
  8. Turned on blue light in office (30pts)
  9. Solved red painting puzzle (20pts)
  10. Solved blue painting puzzle (30pts)
  11. Entered electrical passcode (30pts)
  12. Closed Elephant Stage gate (20pts)
  13. Trapped Titan in Elephant Stage (30pts)
  14. Titan escaped in Elephant Stage (20pts)
  15. Killed Titan in zoo (40pts)
  16. Solved Terrarium Dome puzzle (30pts)
  17. Raised crane at boarding house (20pts)
  18. Turned on spotlight (20pts)
  19. Used Lion emblem (Red) (20pts)
  20. Used Lion emblem (Blue) (20pts)
  21. Titan appeared at front gate (30pts)
  22. Stalker appeared (40pts)
  23. Killed Titan at front gate (40pts)
  24. Killed Stalker (50pts)
  25. Pushed cart away from stairs (30pts)
  26. Opened hatch in passage (30pts)
  27. Heard scream in back alley (10pts)
  28. Got item from Patrick (30pts)
  29. Got item from Lloyd (30pts)
  30. Check out back alley (30pts)
  31. Cut chain on boarding house (40pts)
  32. Opened locker in office (30pts)
  33. Used elephant key (20pts)
  34. Used alligator key (20pts)
  35. Used lion key (20pts)
  36. Used office key (20pts)
  37. Obtained all maps (20pts)
  38. Obtained "Evacuation Order" (10pts)
  39. Obtained "Joseph's notebook" (10pts)
  40. Obtained "Repair Notifications" (10pts)
  41. Obtained "Elephant keeper's diary" (10pts)
  42. Obtained "Message from management" (10pts)
  43. Obtained "Employee evaluation form" (10pts)
  44. Obtained "Zoo pamphlet" (10pts)
  45. Obtained "Zoo pamphlet 2" (10pts)
  46. Obtained "Comet News" (20pts)
  47. Obtained "Memo to Alyssa" (20pts)
  48. Obtained "Money Scoop" (20pts)
  49. Obtained "Herb pie recipe" (20pts)
  50. Obtained "Torn Memo" (10pts)


  1. Entered passcode into locker (20pts)
  2. Stopped leak in lower level (20pts)
  3. Solved switchboard puzzle (30pts)
  4. Saw "Enter Mega Bite" scene (10pts)
  5. Fixed pipe with vinyl tape (40pts)
  6. Used Founder's emblem (Werner) (20pts)
  7. Used Founder's emblem (Oral) (20pts)
  8. Attacked by Giga Bite (40pts)
  9. Used model train wheel (20pts)
  10. Saw "Railway to Tomorrow" scene (30pts)
  11. Saw "Cold Comfort" scene (40pts)
  12. Read all graffiti with lighter (50pts)
  13. NPC was pulled into ceiling (40pts)
  14. Used employee area key (10pts)
  15. Used B2F key (20pts)
  16. Used ventilation tower key (30pts)
  17. Obtained map (20pts)
  18. Obtained "Torn Memo" (10pts)
  19. Obtained "Ricky's notebook" (20pts)
  20. Obtained "Jean's Memo" (20pts)
  21. Obtained "Connector Manual" (10pts)
  22. Obtained "Warning" (10pts)
  23. Obtained "Old pamphlet" (10pts)
  24. Obtained "Raccoon Today" (10pts)
  25. Obtained "Daily Raccoon" (10pts)
  26. Obtained "Wonderful Life" (10pts)
  27. Obtained "Small notebook" (10pts)
  28. Obtained "Maintenance form" (10pts)
  29. Obtained "Company memo" (10pts)


  1. Injected solvent in Aux B1 (20pts)
  2. Injected solvent on Aux rooftop (40pts)
  3. Injected solvent in Room 203 (30pts)
  4. Filled syringe with solvent (10pts)
  5. Filed bottle with solvent (10pts)
  6. Moved bookcase in admin office (20pts)
  7. Opened admin office switch (30pts)
  8. Reunited family on trail (50pts)
  9. Saw "enter Al" scene (10pts)
  10. Saw "Bridge Out" scene (10pts)
  11. Saw "Core of the Plant" scene (10pts)
  12. Saw "An Exit?" scene (30pts)
  13. Saw "No Green Thumb" scene (20pts)
  14. Saw "Repulsion" scene (20pts)
  15. Didn't escape crumbling hospital (40pts)
  16. Saw "Overcoming the Past" scene (50pts)
  17. Saw "A Glimpse of the Truth" scene (40pts)
  18. Saw "Retreat After Battle" (40pts)
  19. Saw "Leaving Mystery Behind" Scene (30pts)
  20. Saw "An End to Wandering" (20pts)
  21. Opened locker in locker room (30pts)
  22. Opened locker in locker room (30pts)
  23. Saw box break in reception (20pts)
  24. Saw box break in main building 2F (20pts)
  25. Used lighter to read memo (40pts)
  26. Used lighter to find item (30pts)
  27. Got item from NPC Alyssa (30pts)
  28. Used rusty key (20pts)
  29. Used admin's office key (20pts)
  30. Used auxiliary building key (20pts)
  31. Obtained map (20pts)
  32. Obtained "Kurt's notebook" (10pts)
  33. Obtained "Doctor's confession" (10pts)
  34. Obtained "Admin's diary 1" (10pts)
  35. Obtained "Botanist's notebook" (10pts)
  36. Obtained "Admin's diary 2" (10pts)
  37. Obtained "Clinical report" (10pts)
  38. Obtained "Pharmacist's memo" (10pts)
  39. Obtained "Mt. Safety Report" (10pts)
  40. Obtained "Nametag" (10pts)
  41. Obtained "Raccoon Today" (10pts)
  42. Obtained "Daily Raccoon" (20pts)
  43. Obtained "Anesthesia memo" (20pts)
  44. Obtained "Sealed letter" (20pts)

Desperate TimesEdit

  1. Opened safe in east office (20pts)
  2. Opened safe in waiting room (40pts)
  3. Gave film to Ben (30pts)
  4. Gave film to Ben (50pts)
  5. Removed unicorn medal (10pts)
  6. Opened secret door in hallway (30pts)
  7. Used onyx plate (20pts)
  8. Used ruby plate (20pts)
  9. Used sapphire plate (20pts)
  10. Used emerald plate (20pts)
  11. Used amethyst plate (20pts)
  12. Opened parking garage shutter (30pts)
  13. Connected garage to main hall (20pts)
  14. Boarded up front entrance (20pts)
  15. Moved patrol car in garage (30pts)
  16. Opened Kevin's locker (20pts)
  17. Opened Kevin's desk drawer (20pts)
  18. Unlocked Jean's desk drawer (40pts)
  19. Unlocked drawer in reception (30pts)
  20. Unlocked 1F hall shelf (30pts)
  21. Used padlock key (40pts)
  22. Obtained all maps (20pts)
  23. Obtained "Station memo" (10pts)
  24. Obtained "Police notice" (10pts)
  25. Obtained "Secret file" (10pts)
  26. Obtained "Marvin's memo" (10pts)
  27. Obtained "Emergency orders A" (10pts)
  28. Obtained "Emergency orders B" (10pts)
  29. Obtained "Police diary" (20pts)
  30. Obtained "Bizarre case file" (20pts)
  31. Obtained "Resume envelope" (20pts)

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